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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender Town

The sound of the exploding pipes made Ralek jump quite a bit, and he hissed in slight anger at whoever had caused it. Now wasn't a good time to be making noise! He glanced back at the Blastoise and the human that was with him, watching them come slightly closer. He would either have to make a break for it now or risk facing the wrath of those two water cannons, which was something he didn't really want to do. Tensing his muscles, he crouched close to the ground, watching the water pokemon and its trainer. If he darted, they might assume that he was a zombie...and he didn't want that, did he? Of course he didn't.

Springing from his spot in the shadows, Ralek took off towards the noise. If he could get near the zombies, maybe he would be able to slip away amidst the chaos. Glancing over his shoulder, he tried to see if the Blastoise was going to blast a jet of water through his back. Hopefully his speed was enough for him to get away...

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