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Default The Weegee (Pokemon Elite Subdivision)

If you are viewing this thread, you have just become a Weegee. what is a Weegee, you ask? Well, this is him:

Originally the sprite for Luigi in the game "Mario's Missing", the image went viral, and ever since then this parody of Luigi has been the subject of 4chan photos and internet memes for ages. It has gained a large following on GTS+, and has persisted in it's existence for over two years on that site alone. And now, PE2K is next.

Weegee's sole purpose is to make you feel uncomfortable with his stare, which if you look at, turns you into a Weegee yourself. Here is an example of a Weegee transformation:


now, here are the rules of this game:

As a weegee, you must infect other PE2K users, as well as spread the meme to other sites.

To do so, put one of these in your sig. Remove the space between the m and g in the first [] box for the signature link to work:

Original Banner (Kept on the thread for nostalgia):

misspellin intend

Updated Banner(credits to coolness, who is cool (GTS+). Really, REALLY COOL):

Oh, or this one from Professor Duder Robotnik (GTS+)

[url=""][im g][/img]

Then, when people click on the banner, they will be brought here to be signed-up on the Weegee List. You may also simply link to this page or the group page.


Spread game to three other sites

Infect mods and admins

Reach 100 infected

Reach 1000 infected

Reach 10000 infected

Reach 1000000 infected


Now, go and spread Weegee!

Weegee Infected List

no banner*

Honorary Weegees(ppl who have contributed to the Weegee in some way and not joined as a regular weegee):

Fallen Weegee (Weegee who have defected from the group and insult the weegee, and/or pissed me off in some way:

Headquarters (GTS+)
PE2K Group

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