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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

OOC:(I'm back)
I closed my eyes as the Rotom closed in on me. Then as a huge clanking noise of metal came out of the zoo some rouge water splashed on the Rotom it screeched even louder and the vibration flung it backward smashing into over 40 zombies that were doing it's pickings on a crowd of humans
I walked towards the smashed gates as the 10 of the 40 zombies got up and ran out of the gate and out of the zoo "OH NO NO NO that wasn't supposed to happen."
The humans were still running around as zombies every where were damaging everything. I started to help as I was cornered by a few Tauros's I used rollout and knocked all of them over like tipping Miltank "I hope none of the few trainer's saw what I just did."
Well to late for that as some of them were In shock of what I just did they must have turned their heads to the flash of electricity made by the Rotom.

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