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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Just outside San Francisco, California(USA)
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel)

"Hmm, good question," Argeno murmured thoughtfully. "However it's Roses, not a rose, we're referring to. Al, Shiba?"

Al glanced around the cab for a moment before she unzipped her hoodie's neck and turned her head and lifted the flap where it fell over the blue-inked rose tattoo on her cheek. "The Blue Roses, it was a resistance group of Deviants that was really big in San Fran and nearby, but there was a big raid on one of our resistance events three months or so ago and a lot of the members got taken by the WAE--including my older brother, who happened to be the leader, and younger sister. It's basically been disbanded since then," the smaller girl told Daniel. Shiba's gloved hands curled into fists as Al spoke. "Argeno and Shiba are the only thing that saved me from being taken as well, they grabbed me and ran because that's what my brother told them to do if anything ever happened."

"We'll find them, one day. We'll find Grim, and Symph, and all the others one day and free them from the WAE's control... I know we will, Al," Shiba added softly, but there was no mistaking the pure resolve in her voice.

"And maybe we'll find Seth, Rosalie, and dad. I wouldn't mind seeing my own family again, you know? I bet you miss your brother, too, Shiba," Argeno added in, causing both girls to nod.

"Everyone..." Al said slowly, like she was trying to work up the courage to say what she wanted. "We'll save everyone, one day. I want to thank the Tuner who gave me my MP3..." With that, Al drew back into her music-engulfed world, trying to remember the face of the friendly Deviant who had passed her the tiny thing and told her to keep going on for the rest of them before the door closed. She couldn't remember the face, or the name, could bare remember the voice. Mostly she remembered clinging to her brother and sister with the loud bass of some random song roaring in her ears and blocking out the crashing and shouting.

"Yeah...everyone..." Shiba sighed, recognizing that Al had let go of her grip on reality for awhile. "You'll have to forgive Al, sometimes she's a bit odd. Very music-centric; don't touch her MP3 player if you know what's good for you, that's about the only time you ever see her get violent. Anyway, sorry about that bit there--we got a bit off topic, didn't we? Haha, any more questions?" The mood in the car had somehow managed to get a bit heavier yet lighter at the same time as Shiba turned her gaze back to Daniel.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone involved with the fight against the Antitivity

The trio stayed firmly out of the other discussions going on around them, though Shiri visibly moved closer to Kari as Dos went off.

“I have a place in mind. Follow me, and fast.”

The words brought the group's attention back to what seemed to be the main plan of action. Kari looked and Veza and nodded as the Sona rolled up into a ball and took off down the street, prompting the Sona to nudge Shiri before taking off as well. Shiri bolted off just as quickly, and kept up speed by loosening up the molecules in her legs and resulting in what appeared to be a much faster, gliding walk that looked like she was rollerblading on normal shoes, although her legs and boots had become a fair bit transparent in the process. The pair of Sonas didn't have too much trouble keeping up with Veza, and watched in almost awe as she opened an odd doorway. They listened to the conversation between Veza and the odd, bear and ferret mix Sona. When vehicles were mentioned, Shiri thought back to Al and spoke up.

"Ours," she gestured to herself, Kari, and Silverstreak. "Might need a bit of help, hold on," she said before closing her eyes in concentration and nudging at Al's mind, hoping the girl was open. She got an almost immediate response.

/Shiri? Are you okay?/ Al asked, sounding almost sleepy or dazed.

/I'm fine, Al, how about you?/ Shiri asked, noting her Deviant must have been listening to something soft and slow, and she wondered for a moment if something had been bothering her.

/We're fine, other than the truck... Argeno's gotta ditch the Clinker because we picked up someone being chased by the WAE and we need more room anyway--I'm sitting on Shiba's lap. She's nice as warm./ Al replied, still sounding oddly dreamy.

/Do you guys need a bit of help with that? Might have a Sona whose Deviant might be able to help./

/Wouldn't mind it, help would make things easier. You could ask... Shiba wants a van or something big she can stretch out in, though./ Al's response was almost drowsy sounding, it was quite possible she was on the edge of sleep.

/Okay, I'll ask, and have Kari try talking to Shiba, then. I'll check in on you again later./ With that, Shiri withdrew from Al's mind and back to her own. "You or your Deviant wouldn't know an easy place to steal a good van from near San Francisco, would you? Ours happen to need to switch out a truck for something bigger and might be being followed by the WAE; they picked up a kid being chased by them," she asked Gesser softly. "Any help would be greatly appreciated."

"They're in trouble again?" Kari groaned, Shiri just laughed at her.

Ryza Hale and Nova Bard
WAE Graphix and Enginez
ARPers: Sabi(Adrian) and Velocity(Teri)

Ryza noticed the slight change in the man's expression, but said nothing. She had to swallow back a barking laugh at his soft “How…terrible…” Terrible? What she had lived through was beyond terrible in her book. Nova looked away for a moment before speaking up.

"They don't bother her much now, too afraid of her. She tends to handle those that annoy her with a simple, very well-directed glare," he informed Adrian simply. Ryza cracked a tiny, almost demented smile, adjusted her sunglasses, and giggled, but continued to say nothing of importance. However, a real smile broke out across her lips when Adrian told her Nova could come with her.

"Thank you," she said simply, the words sounding odd coming from her, but they came from her nonetheless. That was when another entered and explained some situation related to something she was not involved in, but she didn't miss that glance at her and the sudden awkward omission of details. At the conclusion of the woman's report, Adrian stood still and silent for a few moments before he answered her with some kind counterplan, then turned his attention back to her.

“This is Miss Theresa Maverick, Ryza. Miss Maverick, this is Ryza. She’ll be helping us.” He introduced calmly. Ryza glanced the woman up and down one quick time before she spoke.

"I would tell you it's nice to meet you, but I'm not so sure I like you or consider this nice." She said flatly, causing Nova to cringe, then Adrian continued.

“Would you and Nova like to come on a walk with me?” Ryza hugged her stuffed cat and sketchbook to her and glanced over to Nova, who smiled and nodded encouragingly.

"Yes, yes would like to go on a walk with you," She said slowly, as though not sure she agreed with the words coming out of her mouth.

OOC: If anyone's got suggestions for Aerys and Thirteen, I'm open to them.

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