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Default Re: FlyingDreams vs. Princess_Eevee9

Round Three


[Guardian] Charmander (M)

HP: 87%
Energy: 53%
Condition: Feeling tad tired; +1 Attack, +1 Speed
Moves: Chill ~ Crunch


[Oracle] Misdreavus (F)

HP: 56%
Energy: 74%
Condition: Still stinging from that Shadow Claw; +2 Special Attack
Moves: Pain Split ~ Shadow Ball

The heat of his surroundings boosted Guardian’s confidence hugely. Still, the little Charmander knew that he needed to rest for a while before trying to continue his attack. The lizard sat down and closed his eyes, allowing his body time to rest. He felt his energy stores slowly return; he didn’t have time to let it all come back though – it wouldn’t be long before his opponent decided to come after him.

And come after him she did. Black energy swirled around her ghostly body and lashed out as a tentacle, wrapping itself around the fire-types body. Oracle grinned menacingly and began to suck out the vitality from Guardian’s body, until they were each only as strong as each other. Then the whip retracted and Charmander got shakily to his feet; he would need to work much harder now to get back ahead.

He leapt at the ghost with an open mouth, trying to get his teeth around the smiling spectre. The ghost screeched in pain, and tore herself away from the baby dragon. Bite-marks were visible on Oracle’s side from where pressure had been put on the skin, but it seemed that Guardian was the one who lost out on this action. He had used up a lot of energy now, even a little bit of rest wouldn’t help him now.

And now it was Oracle’s turn to move. The ghost grinned once again at her panting opponent; she knew that he was weakening quickly now. Thinking dark, malevolent thoughts, she began to form a ball of shadow in front of her body. She tossed it forwards and it exploded in Guardian’s face, making him stumble back into the nearest wall. He choked and fell down, pain searing all over his body. This round hadn’t been good for the lizard – he was running down quickly, but maybe he would be able to make up for it soon.


[Guardian] Charmander (M)

HP: 33%
Energy: 37%
Condition: Hoping to claw this back; +1 Attack, +1 Speed


[Oracle] Misdreavus (F)

HP: 58%
Energy: 55%
Condition: Ready to grasp her advantage; +2 Special Attack

Chill- (Charmander +6% Energy)
Pain Split- (Misdreavus -9% Energy, +16% HP; Charmander -15% HP)
Crunch- (Rolled 1/5, 1 for stat drop; Charmander -22% Energy; Misdreavus -14% HP, -1 Defence)
Shadow Ball- (Rolled 3/5, 1 or less for stat drop; Critical Hit; Misdreavus -10% Energy; Charmander -39% HP)

Arena Notes