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Default Budget Tournament: ROUND 1

Okay everyone, here goes Round 1. From now until this round is over, the Ultra Mall is closed, so all purchases are final. This also means no editing stats, of course. You have 10 days from this post to complete your battles since it's a larger tournament. If you have timezone issues with your opponent, schedule a match with them over AIM/VM/PM. If a battle doesn't occur, a winner will be chosen based on activity and if they attempted to contact their opponent. Post all logs in this thread so it's easy to keep up with.

DP Revo/BW Revo (Default is BW)
Helds On(Can be turned off if agreed on by both battlers)
Slp/Frz/OHKO/Evasion Clauses On
No Weather
Normal Terrain
Winner: 2k + Advances
Loser: 1.25k + Out
Ref: 2.5k

Alaskapigeon vs WhiteKnight
AmericanTreeFrog vs Siless
Ash K. vs Dynavolt
Bumblebee vs LS the Door Mat
Buoysel. vs gmandiddy
Captain Dude vs Dog of Hellsing
ChainReaction01 vs Team Evolution
CommBA vs Eraizaa-Kun
Fierce Deity vs ~Near
Hushie vs TheEvilDookie
Kai-mei vs Wintervines
MaverickKaiser vs SLC04
Nyurgh vs We Taste Pies...
PichuBoy vs Webmaster

Also a note about the Ultra Mall. Before Round 1, I allowed everyone to refund anything to replace unwanted Pokemon/Moves/Items. However, in Round 2 and all rounds following, you may only go back and refund purchases if you made a mistake (example: purchasing a move for a Pokemon that it learns by leveling up). This effectively means you get one purchase, so think carefully about what you buy.

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