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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 27: Siege and Massacre

My matters about what looked like a no-win situation weren't kept to myself: Karazin and Mario, the latter formally resuming his post as leader, were highly concerned of the issue. Neither needed the Herobrine's warnings to know that it was a death sentence to many to let Gear die, dooming the Onlisk Republic and its entire population as well. And that was pretty much everybody.

"Regardless of the Herobrine's ability to peer into the future, there’s no doubts about it, Gear dies, everyone dies. But then we have this: if the Herobrine are correct, then if Avalon dies, everyone dies as well. If the Herobrine are correct about both their powers being equal, then we've got a massive problem." Karazin said, summing it up. "We've got more than a few hopes, but the chances are abysmal at best: the Onlisk hitting a stroke of luck, and destroying the Arbitarian Relic; the capture of the High Priest; something along those lines. With Avonu as the President of the Onlisk Republic, the chances are nil."

"Hopefully, one of those events happen to us." Mario said, hoping. "The odds are against us for it, but if it happens, then we live." He added.

"Yhea, but...The odds. Even without a traitor working for the Onlisk in our midst, we've got a major challenge in just tracking down a possible location for their HQ, much less actually finding them, and even then, it’ll be almost impossible to breach. The Arbiters haven't been winning just because of their Intel, you know." I said. Luck, sheer luck in massive amounts, would be required just to get the stars to align like that...And even then, if we did find it, then actually doing damage would all be ridiculously hard to do, and I was doubtful that even the whole of Eon Sky and the most elite forces the Onlisk could muster-combined-could ever do the job. It was the closest thing to impossible. 'Destiny isn't' was all that kept the whole idea alive for me.

As per the rest of our lives, Our training hadn't progressed as fast as I hoped, as per my Pokémon-Sure, Scyez was done, but she was easy: Lucario knew what their best Martial arts were from the start, so they only needed the additional stuff Knight's Assent gave. The rest of my Pokémon didn’t have this advantage at all, and indeed, all of them failed to be able to do the motions required: the martial arts weren’t made with all Pokémon in mind. I do not recall whether or not Karazin was of assistance in the matter, but either way, I had to invent some styles of fighting that fitted the individual Pokémon, in true Knight’s Assent style, forcing creativity on my part, and nothing short of to mind-bending extremes. No evolutions occurred in this short time span either. Vyraz was getting a tiny tad edgy from it, but Film, like always, took it in stride. Lesha tried harder too, but only if because she had, at last, found more reason to trust me and do it. She still was heavily independent, but at least she was a lot more calm.

Milli wasn't Knight's Assent material, but she was quite the good fighter, and, as we found out, did have her credit card on her-and a mountain of Zav to go with it. Getting it out of the bank so we didn’t leave a trail was another matter. She was also very good with those axes and her whip. However, she was half-hearted in her fighting, from the looks of it: the whole reason she joined was to evade the punishments for being an Exio Void member. She still gave me those fishy looks, too: nobody wants so much as the slightest association with the Arbiters, or even an association with someone with an association with the Arbiters, and her line of thought wasn't outright fear, but rather partial horror at the thought of walking into a trap of my design, partial concern at my now-instable mental condition. These concerns were contagious, it seemed: others, less-informed of my loath of the Arbiters, were also giving me the looks.

Oh, yes, I was proven insane…At that point, anyway. Of course, Karazin had been, aside from his usual work with his devices, studying my mind, and he came back with some less than savvy news: My experiences with Volteerism, along with a survivalist attitude, my partially bottled-up emotions, and Latries, all barely connected to one another, resulted in Karazin failing me in a sanity test, but only by a little: The oddity of me believing that I was insane didn't hold much ground with how insanity usually worked-a contradiction to the usual fact that one acting irrationally believes he’s sane as the next guy. He didn’t say I was insane outright, but 'Mentally Unstable,' teetering on the edge, and slightly towards the worse end. I wasn't forbidden from anything, I was given advice to keep myself away from any violent thoughts, as I had developed 'An aloof attitude about death.' Karazin told everyone that thus long as I didn't center myself on violence (too much), I would be fine, but that alone gave everyone even more reason to watch their backs and keep an eye on me, save for those few that trusted me better.

My own training proceeded normally, of course, and nobody could blame anyone for not wanting to get me riled up at this point: I had learned enough that there was virtually no way most of Eon Sky could win in a fight of any sorts, and the threat of death looming overhead now more than ever only gave my temper a shorter fuse-not saying it was short, but it defiantly was shorter than before. My dreaming habits also returned to normal-and not the 'kill everything' normal, the actual normal dreaming habits anyone should exhibit. In comparison to my real life, the dreams started seeming rational to the point of boredom, but I knew which was dreaming and which wasn’t.

It was only a matter of days before we started going through the Lightshard asteroid field. For those that don't know, the Lightshard field got it's name from the Shinebomb crystals that are found in the dark nooks of the asteroids: enough light, and the dark green crystals absorb the light and explode in a black blast, the absorption of light giving the crystals their names. Lightshard is not tricky to navigate: several options on ships can provide alternates to regular sight, allowing for light to not become an issue, and there aren’t too many asteroids around for an asteroid field. In fact, we wouldn’t be making this much of a deal if it wasn’t for the Onlisk: the Onlisk had found out long ago how to make their scout ships invisible to most non-sight methods of tracking.

That was where I came in. As a Dragon, I could breathe and survive comfortably in space. We guessed there was a lot of equipment for traveling in space, but the maze that was the back of the Calypso's interior was a labyrinth nobody thus far would try traversing for anything yet, and the equipment was probably back there. Henceforth, as the only thing that could go into space without dying by any cause, even freezing (I was curious why the only flaw the Pokémon games ever had in comparison to real life was that Dragons were weak to Ice-Types in the games, while most everyone knows that Dragons are immune to Ice-Type attacks), I was sent out into the dark reaches of space, using flight and my experience with zero gravity to scout out the ships before the ships found us. No ships in sight for three days, and halfway through day four, I wasn't betting on there being ships for the rest of it either.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Scouting out this place was more annoying than tricky: Aura Sight was easy to use. However, the Shinebomb Crystals were slippery and fragile, and Aura Sight makes no distinctions between the crystals and the rest of the rock, so oftentimes I found myself stepping on the crystals and slipping. Meanwhile, it was cold, even if we were immune to being frozen, and the Calypso still had to move slower than usual: Mario wasn’t taking the risk of ramming into an asteroid in exchange for extra time, so here I was, cold and bored, looking for ships. I’d rather be sleeping or eating or training. Then I noticed it, out of the corner of my half-Latries form eye: an aura, mint-green, stationary. I moved to make better sight of it, and I looked at Latios. It was a distance away, and assumed he was unseen, probably, but Aura Sight was the bane of illusions.

<"Latios, no hiding. I know you're there."> I said. <"If you're here to kill me, then go ahead and try.">

<"I have no intention of it. I...I want my brother back. That much, I am certain of. You're not my brother-I could have him, though, just by killing you. But...I've no want of killing you yet, at least. Do not think my reasons for keeping you alive are enough to fully restrain my carnal desire of seeing Latries, as he should be, in the flesh, once again. You engage and I get the upper hand, and I will strike you down."> Latios said, starting to approach, very slug-like for something that was capable of out-flying jet-planes; moderately speedy, enough to get there fast and not make me reach for the weapons.

<"Latias talked me into it, really: told me to keep away, let something or someone else take care of the grizzly business for me, only to smite you if you come at me. But I want one thing of you, and under any circumstance, dare avoid the question, and you'll find me less of a pacifist. Tell me......."> Latios started, suddenly losing the words.

<"Tell you what? Tell you I'm insane? That wouldn’t really prove anything."> I started.

<"Tell me everything that you didn't tell Latias. She asked twice for what you saw, you avoided the question. You haven't made any kind of goal really clearly, and even Uxie is puzzling over your particulars."> Latios said. <"Tell me. I'll listen, but I guarantee nothing further.">

I looked around, another check to make sure enemy ships weren't around, and turned to Latios again. <"You...First and foremost, what I saw in Avonu's office is still hard to believe. I was puking over it after I saw it, if you were so kindly spying upon my life at that point. But no more question dodging: Avonu got a visit from Blizzard and Curze. No hostilities: Avonu seemed to be reporting to them, more than anything, specifically about me. They were immediately assuming I was the Archangel, something they've yet to fully prove to date, and were talking of whether I was a purposeful traitor, simply misconceived, or else, an imposter. I'm still not sure whether or not they know the answer to that question."> I said.

Latios was probably making a confused expression: who was I to claim such a thing? Aside from blemishing a man's absolutely sterling reputation in an absolutely uncalled for manner, the whole story was incredibly frail in its basis, and was obviously being taken for the conception of a deranged kid. Nevertheless, he didn't interrupt, so I moved on.

<"Now then, with that out of the way, I do believe you mentioned my goals? You have no idea what my goals are? Truly the worst intelligence-gathering to reach my ears, to not know what Eon Sky's goals are. In simplest form, we strive to, of course, kill Avonu, a goal set before I even got there, for the same reasons as I do. There's also the greedy, corrupt men that have slipped into the Onlisk, siphoning it's Arbiter-stopping power. We intend to kill them as well. No doubts about the last one: kill Arbiters whenever we see them. We might not always want to face them, but the less of them there are, the better."> I went on.

<"I know that. We know what your faction's goals are...But what are your personal goals? You have to have some kind of sub-agenda, everyone does, it's not like somebody joins a side for the heck of it."> Latios said. <"What are your goals?">

I stood silent for several seconds, but the answers seemed to come quicker than I anticipated. <"First off, the sooner the war's over, the better for me. I have better things to do with my time than kill. Second off, I take Avonu's seat of power with the utmost disgust, the treacherous swine he is. Of course, I'd rather avoid Armageddon, if it was me, and thus long I refuse to bend to their will, they don't have the power to do it...If I am the Archangel. Nothing has proved it, as of yet. There's more, but that's private."> I said.

<"So that’s it…The motives are good, but they don’t justify the means, not even slightly. You cannot prove that Avonu even had that meeting, your mental fog and your ability to lie can mask anything as the truth, so even if you did see it, I can't trust you to be showing me what you saw. In truth, all of what you said isn't adequate for swaying my trust to you, just for that. I can't confirm anything. Even with all that aside, no man should be killed for corruption. Avonu would be an exception, if you were telling the truth, but everyone else? No. Punished, maybe, but always the death sentence? No. We can't confirm anything. I hope you realize I was going into this believing nothing of what you said. I...I want to see my brother again, my dear brother...Latries...His death scars many of our memories. Uxie, Azelf, and Mersprit were there for his birth. Arceus was there for his birth. The Sacred Swordsmon were there, even Keldeo. And we were there...It was so fast...He had the spark of light in his eyes...Then it vanished...His soul, cast out somewhere, probably destroyed, by some random Paradox…Not even something purposeful...It was torture, to see it."> Latios said, starting to ramble on about Latries.

<"And to see that, after so long, we can confirm the soul within you, misused for your own purposes, still mysterious to me...I could barely hold myself back. I still am barely holding myself back. I don't believe you. I believe you should die. I hope you realize what that means, no matter how much of a cesspit of sin it has become.">

Once further did my temper lack strength.

<"Of course, immediately assuming that I wouldn't tell a word of the truth, you come here! I knew it. I told that much to Latias, and I was right: You wouldn't believe even the most believable parts! Even if I WAS sided with the Arbiters, what would I to gain to prolong the war?!"> I yelled out, telepathically. <"What have I to gain from this war at all, anyway? A mass grave, blame for me? Hate from everyone? I've nothing to gain but the end of it, you twit! And you're prolonging it! If not by taking a more active stance, then by taxing the speed of people dedicated to Arbiter-Killing! And that asides, I've no quarrel, no reason, and certainly no happiness, to be gained from arguing, with WITLESS TWITS, that can see EVERYTHING, and choose to see NOTHING! You can do something to save lives: yet you choose the path of least resistance in this war, and I find it an atrocity, that you are not at least fighting to protect the people you have been born to protect! And all that, ALL OF IT aside, I AM NO LEGEND, FOR THE LOVE OF LATRIES YOU EXHIBIT SO MUCH! Latries, no denying that he is a Legend, but I?! NO!! SHOVE OFF OF MY MISERABLE HELL-HOLE OF A LIFE, SOULLESS BA*****S!!!">

<"Soulless? SOULLESS? You kill without any kind of-">

Latios didn't have any time for further reaction: I, in absolute rage, had thrown the Shynehart at him. It was fairly inaccurate, but I guess I didn't care for whether or not it killed. I detached the sheath, too, and threw that at Latios as well. He caught both with Telekinesis before they got close to him, but he got the picture. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew I had either angered or shocked him, and vastly beyond all expectations.


<"Avalon, what the hell's going on over there?!"> Mario cut in.

<"Umm...Guys? I think we've got company, judging from the patterns the energy is exhibiting..."> Karazin telepathed, softly.

I looked to my right. Even without Aura Sight, the effect of the Red Thunder getting stronger by absorbing other energy was clearly in effect, and was in a pattern suggesting it was a barrier.

Then our next target appeared, promptly out of thin air: A supercarrier that was mammoth-sized, even in comparison to others of its kind, and supercarriers were already mammoth-sized in comparison to the average Onlisk battleship. I couldn't count the amount of guns, and I knew most of them could singlehandedly tear through the Calypso entirely in a single shot, leaving behind no trace, and that wasn't even counting the Cardinal cannons, not to mention the massive amounts of docks, where twenty of the Calypso would easily fit in along with forty ships thrice that size in half of the space there...The Red Thunder chose this moment to carry on it's course, which was initially going towards the ship itself. The amount of energy was equivalent to a spark before contact, but now it was a full-on thunderbolt, and it rammed itself into the side of the ship, directly into one of the larger cannons. The whole ship took a massive hit, as the Red Thunder coursed through the mechanical objects of the ship, devouring the energy and critically damaging most everything, before finally being expelled by the effect of the energy crackling outside the ship itself. Oh, and yes, that meant the Arbiters invented Aura-cloaking.

Everybody that wasn't an Arbiter, right then and there, officially had the best day of their life: The biggest Arbitarian Ship ever discovered had just been found, exposed, and turned into a sitting duck, all without a single casualty on the attacker's part by doing so. Eon Sky, however, had found itself in an odd position: Indeed, I wouldn't have predicted that this would happen, and if I did, I would immediately doubt we could disable it and pound the s**t out of it with little chance of losing a life, something that would probably never be triumphed in military genius/luck, but at the same time, we had to do it ridiculously fast, as the energy that was used to reveal the ship to us was obviously seen from Infrared and Voltrace without any difficulty, and if that didn't work, the ship itself was harder to miss than the broad side of a barn: Nothing could hide this, and henceforth, nothing could hide us. Gear would send ships to destroy the ultimate core of Arbitarian power, and the biggest ones he had, prepared for the worst. It would be nasty if we had a confrontation, especially in this scenario.

But who cared? Not me. I had one Arbiter-killing spree to start up, very, very soon.
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