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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Village Full of Freaks

As she pointed, her scythe directly locked onto the other Pokemorph's throat, someone else appeared behind her...Brandishing a knife. “I don’t know who or what you are, and I frankly don’t care." He started, pointing it at the faulty Ditto. "If you want to pick a fight with someone, try me.” She nearly laughed. She nearly laughed very hard at the man's audacity. He was pointing a little knife at someone who would have fit in very well at a Grim Reaper contest, and he expected her to be scared? It was...Hilarious, to be put mildly.

As she glanced behind to deliver a retort, yet another appeared, this time giving a rather chilling chuckle to boot, added with his appearance...She pondered, briefly, if he was a ghost. “Do you really intend to fight her off with that little knife? You don’t stand a chance, no matter how skilled or unskilled she may be. I suppose I could get some amusement out of your blood being spilled, but people are no fun to talk to when they’re dead.” Her mouth twitched slightly as she nearly grinned. She liked the way he thought, and couldn't agree more with the statement.

Before they had a chance to reply, the one she had confronted before stepped between herself and Mr. Knife Boy. “Peace,” she stated calmly. “There is no need for bloodshed, for it seems that we are all strangers to this land.” She looked at Experiment. “I wish that I could answer your questions, sharp-one, but I, like you, have little familiarity with this land.”

"...You speak weird." Experiment stated, although she did, at least, lower her weapons. While she did not trust any of them, there was no hint of deceit in this one's voice...And to be honest, from the way the others were acting, it seemed like none of them had a clue either. "So that's it? We all just met here by some unknown-" A horrible screech filled the air, causing her to spin around to observe a woman on top of a hut, having dragged a sword across it.

She then proceeded to explain the three groups, why they were here, yadda yadda...Experiment zoned out, up until she opened two rifts. One was for the group that wanted to kill everything (an idea she found amusing, but...If everyone and everything was dead, there would be no one left to fight!), the other to stop "World Zero"...Or whatever it had been called. She threatened to kill anyone who entered the GameOver portal, although only once they met again - while stating she could help restore memories for those who joined Soar.

Holding our memories for ransom to make us do her dirty work...Like animals! I bet she doesn't even have a way to back up her claim! As if in response to her thoughts, the woman threw down a little metal sphere before disappearing. She didn't even give us her name. As everyone clamored carefully around the sphere, Experiment walked forward far less cautiously. While the Dewott handled the device, she merely looked at it, noticing the flashing light. Looks like a bomb. Would have been funny if it'd blown up while someone - like the water otter - had been holding it, but it remained rather...Immobile.

But as she watched the flashing, a sense of drifting, of losing herself, overtook her.

The bull charged forward, three tails lashing the air with each stride as its horns promised a lethal blow. Its brown pelt blended in with the arena around them - rocks, from the tiniest pebble to the biggest boulder, strewn haphazardly around them. As the Tauros moved, she ducked around it, watching it strike its hooves on the ground to make a sharp turn.

"Attack it!" A voice rang out over an intercom, and she brought her scythes forward, white energy gathering on the blades. As the bull lunged in a Take Down, her Slash met its skull, making a sound impact as it buried itself into bone. However, it kept coming, smashing into her and launching her into a rock which crumbled, like a desert before a flood. The wind was knocked out of her, and worse, it was mad.


Its head gleamed white as it prepared Iron Head, the blood in its eyes whipping it into a blind rage. She began to panic, her leg being wedged beneath a portion of the destroyed stone. Before her terror could completely overwhelm her, the intercom spoke out another order, one which made her focus with unnerving clarity.

"Remember that the price of failure is death, one way or another."

She focused, and her body began to change beneath the arms as another set began to take shape. It was fast, about five seconds, but in battle it took far too long...Although in this case, there had been just enough time. Raising the new set of arms, her muscles became more defined as she bolstered her Attack and Defense with Bulk Up. The Tauros closed in, horns lowered...

Only to be stopped as she gripped it by them, both locked in mortal combat as it tried to break through to impale her. It was difficult, as it was a very heavy and powerful creature...And she was barely anything. But her boost helped greatly, lending her more strength. She raised her scythes up, battering the Pokemon with multiple blows which cut into its thick hide, but it showed no sign of relenting and...She was beginning to tire.

"Finish it."

A wicked grin crossed her face as she brought her scythes up higher than before, the white blades stained red, as they began to gather a pale green energy.

With barely an "As you wish", the blades came down.

She blinked, trying to clear her mind. The battle, the image...She had felt such power then. She felt it now, recalling it...But she had a hint of guilt too. Who was that voice? Why was she fighting? She still didn't recall. The image of a Machamp, however, stuck firmly in her mind, but she paid it no heed. She knew what power she got from it, and had no desire to show the others what she could really do. It was best to let them think she could only use the blades from a Scyther. That way, if any tried to turn on her, she could easily surprise them.

Glancing at the glowing, light portal to Soar, she made her choice. Weapons raised to be ready, she charged through the portal, ready to defend herself if need be, but equally as ready to attack should the opportunity arise and warrant the action.

Now was not a time to hesitate, as it led to death.

And she, from nature and a few scant memories, was not the type to die.
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