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Default Re: 5TailedDemonLizard vs. Latio-Reol

Round One


HP: 100%
Energy: 100%


Larvitar[RAAM] (M)
HP: 100%

The Starlit Ruins was filled with many stars in the sky. Auroras covered the black in the sky, causing a very magnificent scenery. Ancient relics surrounded the ruins, each containing strange powers. Two trainers decided to somehow fly to the ruins in the sky and have a battle. The first trainer selected a Honchcrow, and the other selected a Larvitar.

Nacht was the faster of the two, by far. It flew around, circling overhead as the dark flying Pokemon came down with a swoop. Its wings hardened like that of steel as it let its right wing crash into RAAM. RAAM flew back, crashing on its back on the rocky terrian. It hopped back up, things were just getting started.(Nacht -9 energy) (RAAM -18HP)

RAAM didn't like that the dark bird could fly. It didn't like the thought of the huge thing making itself stronger either. It looked up at the bird in the sky and turned around and stuck its rear end into the sky. It shook its booty at the flying bird overhead, making the bird a little annoyed. RAAM patted its butt, giving Nacht the only target it needed. (RAAM -6 energy) (Nacht taunted for 5 actions)

Just as RAAM turned back around, Nacht was already coming in with another attack. As before, it flew around and began to swoop down again at its opponent. This time, however, it flew as fast as it could, and swooped past RAAM. With about three feet between the two, the wind that came off of Nacht, sent chills down RAAM's spine, making it extremely cold. It shivered a moment trying to warm itself up. (Nacht -7energy) (RAAM -13HP)

RAAM wanted to take a moment and have a little dance. It hopped around, twirled, and danced as this silly dance raised its attack and speed a little. The awaiting Nacht wondered why in the world it was dancing instead of attacking. (RAAM -4 energy +1ATK +1SPD)


HP: 100%
Energy: 84%
Taunted for 3 more actions
Condition: ATTACK!


Larvitar[RAAM] (M)
HP: 69%
Condition: Ready to unleash some real strength
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