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Default Re: 5TailedDemonLizard vs. SuperUltraZekrom

Round One


HP: 100%
Energy: 100%


HP: 100%

Lets face it. No one would dare go near a volcano. The thought of being near it while it erupts clearly makes you start to sweat, just thinking of how hot the flowling lava would be. However, two trainers decided not to battle near a volcano, but to battle inside it. The immense heat was enough to make anyone suffer a heat stroke. However, the two had decided to take their beloved pets and force them to duel inside this heat. Lets hope this does not explode! The first trainer sent out a Charmeleon and the second selected a Honchcrow.

Charry had gained speed since it was in the Volcano. There wasn't alot to stand on but a few slabs of rock sticking out. Charry closed its eyes as it prepared to launch a powerful punch. While it concentrated, Nacht moved closer, the heat bearing down on it. Its eyes changed to a purple color and it fired a beam to attempt to confuse its opponent. Its aim was off as the beam zapped a rock next to it. The rock became confused and rolled around until it fell into the magma inside the volcano, melting instantly. Charry opened its eyes after it had focused itself and lept into the air and with a massive punch, socked Nacht right in the face. Nacht came crashing down onto a rocky slab. (Charry -20 energy) (Nacht -30hp -5 energy missed)

Nacht had been socked really hard. It laid on the ground, trying to shake its head as its vision had blurred for a moment. Charry took the moment to jump onto the slab the fallen bird was on and laid right onto of the huge bird. Charry began to heat its body up even hotter than what the volcano had to offer. Charry was incredibly hot and Nacht shook around, trying to get the flre lizard off it continued to burn. (Charry -16 energy -2SPATK) (Nacht -24 HP)

Nacht tried to get the flame lizard off but was unable to do so as the heat scorched the bird like chicken wings. With that, it gave a mighty slap to the side of Charry's head with its wing, hard enough to knock Charry off of it, leaving Nacht enough time to fly into the air as it shook its head, still reeling from the last couple of attacks. The battle was off to a fierce start. (Nacht -4 energy) (Charry -12HP)


HP: 46%
Energy: 91%
Condition: What was the number on that truck???


HP: 88%
Condition: Off to a good start.
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