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Default Re: Mawile-Danmaku VS. sammy0295

Round Four


[Rocky] Aggron (M)

HP: 48%
Energy: 52%
Condition: A little sore, but eager to continue
Moves: Ice Beam ~ Brick Break

[Slash] Scyther (F)
HP: 52%
Energy: 50%
Condition: On an incredible lucky streak; 1 Clone
Moves: Slash ~ Slash


[Jet] Pidgeot (M)

HP: 69%
Energy: 54%
Condition: Not laughing any more
Moves: Hurricane ~ Hurricane

[Nitro] Nidoking (M)
HP: 56%
Energy: 46%
Condition: A little happier; +1 Attack, +1 Defence, -1 Special Attack, -1 Speed
Moves: Head Smash + Poison Jab

Still almost unable to believe the luck she had had in the last round, Slash decided that she needed to keep her attacks coming fast. She shot through the air like a bullet and drew her razor-sharp scythes across Jetís chest, bringing out lines of warm blood. Jet screeched in pain and turned on the bug Ė he was going to have to bring her down quickly so that she didnít remain as such an annoyance.

The Pidgeot pushed himself up further into the air and began to use his wings to swirl massive amounts of air in giant circles. Slash knew what was coming by now, and knew that this attack would hurt her badly if it hit. The Scyther and her clone watched the preparations, preparing themselves for the worst. Then, with one powerful swipe, Jet sent the swirling winds forwards at a breakneck speed. Unfortunately, his opponent was faster still; she managed to dodge the attack with relative ease. It seemed that her good fortune would last even longer.

And while Jet had been concerned with attacking his ally, Rocky had been preparing an attack to strike the bird down. Icy energy was sent from a ball of compact whiteness, freezing the grass around it. The energy caught its target in the chest, making his feathers go stiff and his skin feel like it was on fire. The bird landed awkwardly and rubbed her frozen feathers with her wings so that they would thaw out. She wanted to be up in the air again as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Nitro had been keeping himself busy. Poison had been channelled to the horns on his head and now he was charging at one of the Scyther in front of him with his head down. Slash saw him coming and managed to evade him by getting up and out of range. She took a few deep breaths, and then swept down again for her next strike: she had to keep going if she wanted to get through this in one piece.

Her scythes glinted in the sunlight as she flew down, aiming for Jetís wings. Jet noticed her approach and tried to avoid her, but only managed to leave his chest wide open for Slashís wicked blades. More blood flew from his wounds and he felt pain like knives in his chest. He quickly managed to get away though, and was soon preparing another attack.

Once the Pidgeot was back in the air, he began to create more, powerful spirals of air. These shot out towards Slash and her clone, but each managed to somehow miss. They tore up the grass around the bugs, but no damage was done to either of them. This was, in Jetís opinion, getting ridiculous now. Surely something would hit eventually.

Just as he was thinking this, Rocky began a high-momentum charge towards Nitro. The Aggron swept up to his target in a strangely short amount of time and struck him on the head with an energy-loaded fist. The power of the attack made the Nidoking fall onto his back, but he didnít take very much damage from the blow. Sammyís pokťmon exchanged glances - it seemed that something wasnít working for them: maybe it was time to change their plan.


[Rocky] Aggron (M)

HP: 48%
Energy: 36%
Condition: Ready to keep pressing his advantage

[Slash] Scyther (F)
HP: 52%
Energy: 20%
Condition: Feeling very lucky indeed; 1 Clone


[Jet] Pidgeot (M)

HP: 39%
Energy: 38%
Condition: Infuriated; -1 Special Attack

[Nitro] Nidoking (M)
HP: 50%
Energy: 26%
Condition: Shocked; +1 Attack, +1 Defence, -1 Special Attack, -1 Speed

Slash- (Slash -15% Energy; Pidgeot -8% HP)
Hurricane- (Rolled 95/100, 70 or less to hit; Pidgeot -8% Energy)
Ice Beam- (Rolled 8/10, 1 to freeze; Aggron -9% Energy; Pidgeot -14% HP)
Head Smash+Poison Jab- (Rolled 92/100, 80 or less to hit; Nidoking -20% Energy)
Slash- (Slash -15% Energy; Pidgeot -8% HP)
Hurricane- (Rolled 79/100, 70 or less to hit; Pidgeot -8% Energy)
Brick Break- (Aggron -7% Energy; Nidoking -6% HP)

Arena Notes