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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Near cave
I looked into the dark and eerie cave and heard screaming at the far end of it.
I looked around and saw Topaz the pokemon trainer from before looking my way he couldn't possibly know who am I since I was standing In the shade of the cave I ran towards him shouting "Hey can you go with me through the cave"he obviously didn't know what I was talking about since humans mostly here munchlax so I did sign language.
First I pointed at me then the cave and I ran into It hoping he'd follow I sat down waiting for him to arrive and then something grabbed and smashed me Into the wall I opened my eyes only to see a LARGE Scrafty with the hood up and red to yellow eyes peeking out I thought
(wait a scrafty how is that here).It had me in it's grip and readied the kill.

Like a Baws
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