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Battle Style: Single Battle; 1 Pokemon each.
Disqualification Time: Three Days.
Damage Cap: Nope.
Restrictions: all moves are welcome
Arena: Inside Mt. Moon
Nothing but a cave. There is plenty of light to see.
Ref : Open
This is a "metronome battle." Metronome must be used atleast one of the two actions. Failing to do so for any reason, by choice of a single move or by choice of a move that continue or need to charge like hyper beam or outrage will continue on but will consume a massive 2X energy consumption. If the user uses metronome and the move selected at random is in fact outrage or hyper beam, then there will be no 2X energy cost but if the user neglects to make one of the actions metronome or is somehow forced by the opponent to keep attacking without metronome, the energy will be consumed to use the attack. Both Pokemon must be able to learn metronome.

User makes thread :)
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