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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

As the scrafty readied I used shadow claw and the cave lit up In purple ultraviolet light just as Topaz walked In. The Scrafty stumbled backwards hit the the back side of the cave with a thump and slid across I saw Topaz and the growlithe they looked like they were afraid of me I ran to the growlithe telling him to tell my trainer that I am a good pokemon and here to help him guide through the cave.
I ran fowards Into the darkness clearing the way as I fought off alot of pokemon zombies even some that were regular normal pokemon that were mad I coughed and fell backwards and struggled to get up I couldn't do It and I lay there helpless them I looked forward there was a max potion and I sprayed It on my self I got up.
I grabbed another max potion found on the floor ran over to Topaz and gave it to him to show my faithfulness and friendful greetings and ran foward Into the light there was City hall.

Like a Baws

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