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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender Town, Bat Cave

Ralek let out a frustrated growl, feeling that tugging in his gut again. He turned, jumping after the trainer. He let his claws hook into the rocks, allowing him to have a more steady climb without fear of falling. "I'm getting tired of having to warn these humans of danger..." He muttered, his eyes scanning the top of the cave. Nothing seemed to be out of place...everything looked normal. It was just a bunch of rocks...


Ralek's eyes darted around, trying to find the difference between the main rocks of the cave and the pokemon that he knew were hiding among them. He let out a growl before picking up his pace, catching up with the trainer. He let out a bark to get the boy's attention before catching up to his Growlithe.

"Watch your step..." Ralek said to the dog pokemon, glancing at the human to see if he could understand "You're being monitored. These zombie pokemon aren't as easy to beat as the others..."

Ralek's wounds throbbed slightly, looking around as he saw some of the rocks shift on their own, knowing the Geodude, Graveler, and Golem were getting restless up here. It would only be a matter of time before they came after the fresh meat that was walking right on top of them.

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