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Default Re: 5TailedDemonLizard vs. benmac

Round Three


HP: 42%
Energy: 53%


Seviper (M)
HP: 72%

The sandstorm raged on as both Pokemon continued their battle. Cron decided to taunt its opponent into using only straight forward attacks. It looked at the snake and turned around and began to shake its rear at the opponent as it to give it a target to hit. This somewhat angered Seviper, leaving it wanting to attack. (Cron -6 energy) (Seviper tauned for 5 actions)

Seviper hated watching this...this madness! The tiny alligator shaking its rear. How rude! He shall pay! Seviper looked at the tiny croc and began to absorb the energy from its body. It wanted to regain energy for itself. Cron felt itself grow weak for a moment. It struggled to stay standing as the energy left its body. Seviper grinned as it felt much better. (Seviper -8 energy +4HP/energy) (Cron -17HP)

Seviper just wanted to keep attacking. As before, it began to try and absorb Cron's energy. As it started to take more of Cron's life force, Cron began to quickly dig a hole into the ground. It dug far enough under that Seviper couldn't lock on to absorb energy from Cron. Cron stayed under the ground to avoid the attack. (Seviper -8 energy miss) (Cron -11 energy hidden in dirt)

While Seviper looked around for its opponent, its vision was blurred as its face was pounded by sand. (Seviper -6HP)



HP: 25%
Energy: 36%


Seviper (M)
HP: 64%
-1atk taunted 3 more actions
Searching for its opponent

Sandstorm continues.
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