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Default Re: Haybalebarn vs MasterGalladeXD

Round Two


HP: 95%
Energy: 92%


HP: 100%

The sound of steps in sand was all that was heard as both Pokemon continued on. Flare wanted to make sure that the new changes in its opponents strength did not work to its advantage. Flare made an invisible wall in front of itself, to keep itself safe from physical blows. (Flare -6 energy reflect for 4 actions)

Vulpix wanted to make its opponent feel some of how it felt in the early round. It got a running start and then jumped into the air and came down on top of its opponent with a massive crash. Vulpix felt as if it had hit a wall as the move did affect the horse as a critical hit. However, it was not as strong as it could have been, not only because of the reflect, but also because Flare was much larger than Vulpix.(Vulpix -20 energy) (Flare -10HP)

Flare nodded in agreement as it knew its opponent had been weaken. It decided to further weaken it as it simply stood there in the sand and showed off its charm. Vulpix watched, finding Flare to be full of charm as its attack was lowered. (Flare -3energy) (Vulpix -1ATK)

Since its opponent had not been paralyzed, Vulpix once again jumped into the air and came crashing down on the charmful Flare. Flare nearly shook the attack off as Vulpix just wanted big enough to pull this move off very well, even worse with reflect in the picture.(Vulpix -20 energy) (Flare -3HP)

No Sunny day or sand storms began.


HP: 95%
Energy: 52%
Blast that reflect!


HP: 87%
Reflect for two more actions
Happy with reflect for protection

Notes: I had to deduct from Body Slam from Vulpix because its only 22 pounds and Ponyta is up at 66 pounds. Vulpix's little body isn't going to be entrely useless but certainly won't have the same affect as Ponyta has.
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