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I hope so. Finally finished them today. xD

Name: Ichiru Kagami

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Ichiru is very calm and collected, and normally keeps to himself. The only person he really interacts with is his brother, although he’s not exactly unfriendly. He can come off as a bit distant sometimes, and maybe a little harsh, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut in order to prevent hurting someone. He doesn’t really like to show his emotions, choosing to remain emotionless in most cases, although he’s really a sweet and caring person under his rough exterior. He is annoyed quite easily, although it takes a lot more to actually anger him. Although, if he is angered, Ichiru can and occasionally will grow violent. He acts as Kiseki’s ‘brain’ sometimes, being the thought that comes before his brother’s reckless actions. Although he isn’t very trusting, Ichiru, like his brother, is very loyal to anyone who happens to become one of his friends.

Ichiru doesn't like authority at all, being the type that likes to do what he wants when he wants. However, he will oblige to what he's told if it's reasonable or mandatory. He tends to clash with the leaders of a group a lot of the time, if he doesn't particularly like them, although depending on the situation he will try to adjust his attitude in order to get along with them. Since he analyzes the consequences of his actions before he does them, Ichiru can easily adapt his attitude to get along with or work alongside someone even if he doesn't like them. However, when it comes to Kiseki or anyone else he cares about, he can be extremely reckless and doesn't tend to think much about what he does before he does it.

Appearance: Jet black hair comes down to the nape of his neck in a ruffled mess, and his bangs come down just past his nose, swaying to the left and almost always covering his eye. His eyes themselves are a piercing emerald green, which stand out against his dark hair and somewhat pale skin. He has two piercings at the top of his left ear, as well as a lip piercing; a simple silver stud on his bottom lip that he rarely bothers to take out. Now that he is half demon, Ichiru has fangs much like a Vampire’s which unfortunately cannot be retracted into his gums. Therefore, they are always visible. He also has a scar on the left side of his head near his eye which he normally keeps hidden by his bangs.

Race: Demon/Human hybrid

History: Ichiru and Kiseki grew up with their younger sister, Kotomi, raised by their mother and father. Their childhoods were pretty normal up until around the age of 14, when they woke up one morning to find their father missing. Despite their mother’s protests, the twins went to look for him out of worry and curiosity, only to find a sight that was forever burned into their minds. Their father lay in the street, nearly ripped to shreds - almost as if an animal had attacked him. Neighbors and pedestrians who had been passing by quickly surrounded the scene as the teens’ cries pierced the silence. They later learned from a single witness that he had appeared to be sleep walking, and that the wounds had appeared on his body suddenly out of nowhere. Neither of them understood this, and they didn’t want to.

However, only a week later, both twins began having nightmares each and every night. Some of them were centered around what they had seen, others were random fears. Ichiru was the first to receive physical wounds, waking up one morning with a huge gash across his chest. The large amount of blood loss put him in the hospital, where he passed out shortly after his mother took him there.

Kiseki, who had been having the same dream as his brother, had no idea that Ichiru had been rushed to the hospital, for he was still trapped in the dream. Due to ’twin telepathy’, as they call it, when Ichiru passed out again on the way to the hospital, the twins ended up in the same dream again, so Kiseki’s mind never registered that his brother had left. However, during Ichiru’s second dream, he received a wound on the side of his head, the trauma from the hit causing him to slip into a coma. Kiseki woke up shortly after and rushed to the hospital with Kotomi to find their sibling, who would no longer wake up.

While his brother was in a coma, Kiseki began to notice some changes in himself. His gums were sore, like new teeth were growing through, his senses were stronger, and he was extremely sensitive to the sunlight. His skin was paler and was becoming colder to the touch. When the nurses came to check on him, or even their mother and sister, he could hear their heartbeats, and a strange feeling came over him. He could feel something piercing through his gums, which made him quickly get up and excuse himself to the bathroom, where he saw sharp fangs piercing through his gums, and black veins appearing on his face beneath his eyes.

Knowing fully well that he was a Vampire now, Kiseki left for a little while in order to gain control over himself, using the excuse that he needed some air because of what had happened to Ichiru to slip by.

Ichiru woke from the coma a few weeks later to find only Kiseki at his side. The younger twin had come back to stay with him after regaining control of himself, deciding to use blood pouches and animals as his source of intake. Ichiru noticed instantly that a few things about him had changed. His canines were sharp like a Vampire’s, but wouldn’t retract no matter how much he tried to get them to. All of his senses were heightened in addition to this, and when he looked at something across the room and thought about getting it, it floated straight to him.

However, the amazement toward these new abilities was brought to a halt when the dark haired teen realized that neither Kotomi nor his mother were there. When questioning Kiseki, he was informed that both of them had gone missing shortly after Ichiru went into his coma. In addition to that, Kiseki had become a Vampire while trapped in the nightmare realm with him before the coma.

With their relatives either dead or missing, the twins returned to their home to live on their own, although they still went out in search of their mother and sister every few nights since Kiseki couldn‘t go out in the sun. The younger twin adjusted to living off of blood pouches, and Ichiru found out through research that in order to go out in the sun, Vampires had to wear a bewitched Lapis Lazuli stone somewhere on their bodies. With this in mind, Kiseki set out to retrieve one in order to be permitted to go into the light. Through the same research, Ichiru also found out what he was - a demon. However, thanks to successfully waking up, he was only half demon. If he had stayed in the nightmare realm for much longer, he would have completely changed.

The twins continued to go to school like nothing had ever happened once Kiseki got his Lapis Lazuli stone, but it was still hard to hide their identities - especially for Ichiru, who couldn’t hide his new fangs. When the word began to spread about the epidemic of nightmares going around, both twins instantly knew that this was the same thing that had been happening to them. However, with the government refusing to even listen to the claims, and with both of them being changed into something totally different in their sleep, both Ichiru and Kiseki really have to wonder what they’re really up against…

Greatest Fear(s): Losing people he cares about, fire (despite his own abilities) and dismemberment

Other: Ichiru has suffered memory loss due to the wound inflicted on his head, and can’t remember certain periods of his past.
○Possesses telekinetic, telepathic and healing abilities. When in the nightmare realm, these abilities are enhanced, and he even possesses a type of pyrokinesis, the flames blue and white rather than red and orange.

Name: Kiseki Kagami

Age: 18

Gender: male

Personality: Kiseki’s personality is more or less summed up as a ‘ball of endless energy’. The complete opposite of his brother, he is a very friendly and energetic person, and loves to make new friends. Although he is very smart, Kiseki can be somewhat clueless and/or dense at times. He’s a bit emotional - possibly too much so for a guy, but that just makes him all the more loveable. He isn’t angered easily at all, and even when he is, it’s easy to calm him back down. He doesn’t particularly like to fight, even though he is extremely stubborn. However, if the situation calls for it, he will. Although Kiseki has a very forgiving and sweet nature, if his trust is betrayed, it can be extremely difficult - if not impossible to get it back. However, with loyalty being one of his strongest traits, Kiseki would never abandon someone who needed help - even if it was a stranger. He hates to see others in pain, be it physically or emotionally and is willing to do anything in his power to help them.

Appearance:*points at avatar? :D* Kiseki is the mirror image of his brother, with jet black hair that falls down to the nape of his neck which is always a ruffled mess. His bangs come down a little past his nose and sway to the right, rather than the left, normally covering his right eye. His eyes are a piercing emerald green, and normally can portray any emotion he is feeling with ease. When he becomes angered or is thirsty, they turn a bright crimson red, and the pupils shrink into slits depending on the level of rage. Kiseki’s skin is pale, as would be expected of a Vampire, although since his brother has pale skin as well this normally isn’t enough to give him away. He has a piercing at the top of his right ear, where an earring with a bewitched Lapis Lazuli stone embedded is worn so that he may go out into the sunlight. Because of his bangs, this is normally hidden by his hair.

Race: Vampire

History: Included in Ichiru’s.

Greatest Fear(s): Sharp objects, losing the people he cares about

Other: Has telepathic and healing abilities due to being a Vampire.
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