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Dr. Gregory Matthew 'Doc' Xanatos
Deviant Enginez
Gas Station off of Highway 5
ARPers: Sabi (Amiel Sable), Velo (Simon Pruitt)

I reach this conclusion without a logical train of thought, intuitively. Unfortunately, that doesn't fly in my train of thought, and, as it was a problem completely in my head (ie not in front of me to examine), I needed to pace it off. I pulled over at a gas station that appeared to be out of the way, go to the back, and engage in this long missed activity.

Oh, the feelings of bliss I felt when I, after years of control, finally get lose myself in my head. It is beyond comprehension, it was absolutely amazing. Greene's theorem floats with DNA sequences and benzene derivatives. I debate with myself in a sudden rush of thoughts, reach conclusions that, in any other climate, could have won me a Nobel prize. I finally got to think with reckless abandon. The feeling was simply bliss.

Of course, there was still reality to worry about. After thinking with enough volume for Dos to personally rip Velvod without effort, I noticed a commotion. I heard a commotion. A very feeble looking Deviant was attempting to appear menacing to a young woman who, quite frankly, could have ripped him into about a thousand million shreds inside of an instant.

Where the hell do I get these impressions? I usually don't know people, but I seem to know the woman rather well. She seems so familiar, especially after implying she was a Deviant. I make eye contact wih the woman, and a rush of recognition washes over me. The gargoyle('s Deviant) was right in front me.

Everything connected in the same second. The pitch of her voice matched with the WAE mannerism with the Deviant's needs. Based on the way she's leaning her ear to listen to the man like her ear was her primary sense organ, she was probably a Tungz or Tuner. And everything, from that sense of calm leadership, to the simultaneous fierceness and concern, match with the gargoyle. I begin to talk to the man, trying to appear I know the gargoyle girl very well. To my infinite surprise, I find it very easy.

[COLOR="rgb(152, 251, 152)"]"Allow me to personally assure you, we are all on the same side here, I give my word. I know this young woman very well. In fact, I came here to tell her something. Unfortunately, it is a bit secret, sorry."[/COLOR]. Sorry? Bullsh*t. I wasn't sorry in the slightest. But I did have something to tell the woman.

I walk up to the woman and whisper in her ear, using my hands to block my lips from being read. [COLOR="rgb(152, 251, 152)"]"Look, you think I'm BSing. That's half true. You may call me Doc. My Sona's name is Dos. He is a small blue ball wearing glasses exactly like mine. Your Sona is the gargoyle, who for some reason can curl up into a ball and set herself on fire. I promise to you, I am an ally. Just trust me. [/COLOR]. With those last three words, I probably asking the sky to light up on fire, but it still feels right. I temprarily retreat in my head, noting that Dos was following the gargoyle to some Sona whose deviant apparently did repairs. I go back to reality, and await the gargoyle girl's response.

Michael Mikulak
Deviant Tungz
WAE HQ Maximum Security Prison
ARPers: None

I am the problem.

Well technically , I am a solution, but to them, I'm a problem. I'm the twelve year old with info and a lot of it, but any attempt to get it out will result in a broken interragator who managed to get absolutely nothing out of me.

Fine by me, but now my mouth is clamped shut, and I am attended to only by robots who fill my IV bag and make sure I'm alive.

Fortunately, I have one advantage. I can make myself clear with only the tone of my voice without losing potency. But I have one shot with it. I lose my chance, and they'll probably just kill me so that I don't connive anymore.

As for now, I connive more than ever.
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