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Battle Style: Single Battle, 1 Pokemon
DQ Time: 4 Days
Damage Cap: 999
Restrictions: OHKO moves, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, etc., and Arena Rules below.
Arena: Animal Slaughter House
A wide building with many dead animals (cows, pigs, etc.) and a river of blood. There are so many kinds of knife and sharp stuff for slaughtering and killing.
•The butchers are annoyed as the battle takes place inside. They'll throw sharp meat-knife at both battlers at the end of the round to end the battle faster.
"Roll 1-3 for each battler; if the result is 1, target loses 10% HP"
• No weather effects can affect the battle since it is indoor.
• Fly and Dive will always fail.
• User who uses Substitute can't hide anywhere. The butchers are surrounding the battle ground and won't let anyone escape until there is a victim. However, Substitute will still succeed, but user is still on the field and can be selected as attack target.
Ref: Open

Challenger makes the thread and notifies me, please.

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