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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

(OOC: Cool, we made it to city hall! From this point forward, multiple characters can be signed up and controlled at once or you may change people alltogether! I will continue to check the sign up sheet every now and then. Also, everyone is now free to pursue the mystery outside of Lavender town as well!) (P.S. The evil teams are not playable)

Lavender town (south east corner) City hall

Ralek jumps down from atop of the cave as Topaz looks around. He is a bit worried about what could come running out of the nearby cave exit but Topaz gathers his courage and darts toward the buildings front side double doors! Opening one, Topaz breathes a sigh of relief as he enters a long, spacious and well lit hallway. It felt somewhat sterile but at least it is quiet. There are at least 10 doorways lining the walls, along with large painted portraits of previous mayors and important townsfolk.

Topaz goes into the 1st door on the right and almost trips over a sports bag! Growlithe growls at the bag which immediately alerts Topaz. He looks inside and finds some very unusual clothing. His eyes get wider and wider as he digs in the sack! Its contents include uniforms from Teams Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic and even Team Plasma! To add to the confusion, Topaz also comes across a Devon Corporation key card, which he places in his pocket.

"What did this all mean?" Topaz wonders to himself as he leaves the bag of uniforms behind and walks back to the entry hallway and into a door on the opposite side. (1st door on the left from the entrance) A skinny black belt greets Topaz from behind a desk. "Welcome to Lavender town, I am the mayors bodyguard, Jhonny Bravo." Topaz questions the karate expert: "Where is the mayor?! There are zombies loose all over the town!"

Jhonny shrugs, "The mayor never came into work today. I already know about the zombies but it is only my job to protect city hall, the rest of the zoo is not my problem." Topaz wanted to say something but he could not really blame the guy for not wanting to tangle with the undead masses. Still though, something around here was not adding up at all. Topaz needed time to think. "Which way to the bathroom?" Jhonny points to a door at the far end of the big carpeted room, where Topaz and Growlithe enter, hoping that this building is as safe as the bodyguard claims..

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