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Default Zangoose training?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but whatever. Shortly after i beat the main storyline, I began capturing ditto for their natures so that i could breed a jolly or adamant zangoose. In the confusion( im still confused by breeding, ev's and iv's) i bred a male jolly zangoose and a female adamant zangoose. I've scoured the net for proper movesets for the two, but the differences vary site to site. So I ask the great pe2k community to help me.

Zulu, lv 1 (zangoose)
Nature: Jolly
Base stats : HP-73
DEF - 60
Spec. ATK (0.9) - 60
Spec. DEF - 60
Speed (1.1)-90

Zanna, lv 1 (zangoose)
Nature: Adamant
Base Stats: HP - 73
ATK (1.1) - 115
DEF - 60
Spec. ATK (0.9) - 60
Spec. DEF - 60
Speed - 90

Not sure if i did it right, but I got the following for Zulu' s iv's( from hp to speed): 15,15,15,15,15,29
The only difference in zanna' s was the 25 speed instead of 29. But thats probably because of jolly right? Must have answers!!!!!
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