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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

To start my encounter with the ultimate stronghold of the Arbiters that could have easily torn us to shreds if it wasn’t totally crippled, I gave the Arbitarian ship the middle finger. I was not in a good mood after Latios decided to confront me with the thought of immediately labeling everything as an untrustworthy statement, not untrue but not to be taken for truth either. When you're not trusted, your not happy.

<"Sir, I advi-">

<"We need your smarts to shoot that?! It's a sitting Psyduck, d***it! Firing the Cardinal!"> Issac telepathed, de-cloaking nearby a meteor, the shot already half-charged. Meanwhile, I unsheathed the Illicit Blessing. Just like Issac didn't even bother for Mario's or Karazin's thoughts on his actions (like anyone would advise against it), I wouldn't take no from anything, and the Illicit Blessing would meet the blood of Arbiters for the first time in what seemed like many long years.

Issac aimed for one of the cannons that could easily take out the whole Calypso in a shot, and obliterated it with the massive red Spartan Laser. A big gaping hole was providing the vacuum that was space the opportunity to suck in things, mostly the Arbiters happening to be nearby the blast that weren't fried by the Cardinal. The scene wasn't very humorous, though on any other given day, it would have been. But not this time: this time, the only humor I'd find was the blood of these ba****d's on my sword. I transformed into Half-Latries form, and shot into the vortex like a cannon (of course, to overcome the pushing motion of the vaccum). I could easily notice Latios following, probably out of some mix of curiosity, the obvious want to keep a razor-sharp eye on me, the natural draconic instinct to compete, and of course, the Arbiter-hating no sane person could (or rather, should) resist.

But who cared? The clock was ticking. Arbiters were to be slain, and this time, they'd be the defenders holding back an impossible-to-deter siege, and even worse still, this was their greatest fortress, and their greatest numbers, waiting for a massive slaughter. If they got hold of the situation, that was another story, but if Issac kept firing, then that threat would be neutralized, and the Onlisk wouldn’t hesitate to appear with as many ships as they could send in. I immediately found the entry point devoid of life, of course, but entering a narrow service tunnel fixed that.

My first few Arbiters were Majors, meaning they were honestly aware of what they were doing and willing to do it. All of them weren’t existing in the next few seconds: The one in front shot a burst of energy my way, but the Arbitarian pulse was deflected back at them, and tore through them all with little resistance, clearing a path through the hallway.

<"The Arbitarian Stronghold? Can't tell from size alone, but it looks likely...That being said, confirming anything around you is-">

"You're seriously NOT interested in Arbiter-killing. Wow. I didn't expect I wasn't exaggerating it when I thought you weren't doing anything at all. Looks like that's not entirely false..." I said.

Latios suddenly cut in front of me, and stared me down with pure rage. That wasn't a smart comment.

"You CAN'T BE TRUSTED! For the love of Arceus, did that cross your mind?! It's F***ING BLIND FAITH TO TRUST YOU!" Latios yelled.

".......Didn't know you cussed!" I said, utterly sarcastic in the utterly cheerful tone, as that fact caught up to Latios, stopping him cold with the realization that his control slipped for a second. I slid under him and moved on to the end of the service hall, and into the next room, which was conveniently (for my Arbiter-killing lust) a point of massive attendance by the Arbiters.

I was not sure what exactly they were doing, at first. It looked like they were praying at a shrine of some kind of massive dragon with a lot of wings, two massive arms ending in massive claws, and a massive amount of serpent-like heads...Of course, this stopped when I entered. In fact, the thousands of Arbiters in attendance immediately got out their weapons, hidden in their very robes, and were aiming them all at me. Miserably, nothing under the sun could protect them from something that was simultaneously all around them, and no sooner had they gotten their weapons ready did I smash them into the floor, turning them into, per-say, the human equivalent of a broken egg: Guts and bones and blood everywhere. I wasn't even bothering counting the corpses, I immediately went towards the door with the intent to repeat that as much as possible.

"Hee-hee-hee-HEE, the guy that ruined our nice little ship!" A familiar voice called. The doors, made of Celestial Onyx (judging from the color and lack of control I could put into it), shut. Latios was cut off from me, trapped in the service tunnel. I was trapped in the much larger ‘temple,’ but at the very least, Latios couldn’t bother me.

"Oh, and what's this? You make PANCAKES out of people praying to their deity, Erevius. What a good favor you did us, getting rid of our preciously scarce infantry...Ah, forget sarcasm,F*** YOU!" Pandora squealed, her position unknown to me, and my head was darting wildly to find the b**ch.

Then the whole room seemed to vanish in a curtain of indigo, individual streaks rushing around me...Seemingly wind-like...but Arbitarian energy was thick, very, very thick. It was like the energy was crammed into every nook and cranny in between the very low density of regular air. This was the extremely feared, hyper-deadly Arbit-Storm, I guess...Though I had an assumption it was actually supposed to do something to the foe. I was just admiring the scenery, and if it wasn’t for the absolute rage flowing through my veins, I’d probably look and feel…bored. Yes, the most lethal attack in the book of Arbitarian techniques defied and useless, and I wouldn’t have felt accomplishment.

Pandora cut it short, probably thinking I was dead, revealing herself to be on top of Erevius'es alter-and looking shocked like hell, finding her assumption wrong. I grinned: Obviously, whatever made the whole Arbit-Storm fail was not part of Pandora's plan. This wasn't regular shock either, but mouth-gaping, finger-pointing, voice-muting, paralyzing shock that came with a failure of massive size.

"…Your. Supposed. To be. Dead. Dead. DEAD!! The Dead kind of Dead!" Pandora screeched, after getting over what appeared to her as absolute insanity, defiance of the laws of nature that even Volteers couldn’t defy. "Nothing survives that! well, except the hull, but that's different!"

The hull was obviously unscathed, probably tempered for such things. That aside, the corpses were almost all gone, save those at the edges of the room, where some pieces of flesh could be identified, but they had odd holes in them. The irony of Arbitarian energy: Mastery indicates being able to totally destroy what one wishes, and leave everything nearby it utterly unscathed.

That being said, that's irrelevant. While I was looking around to see the damage, Pandora teleported out of there at once, and although I could have followed, tracing her aura to another part of the ship and teleporting there, I still wasn't totally fond of teleporting yet, and Pandora would probably try a second escape-not worth it. I’d find another target, equally rewarding and less likely to flee.

"This is so confusing." Latries muttered, behind the door of Celestial Onyx, picked up by my ears. I chose to ignore that, too. I just decided to rip open the metal around the other doors to get through. I decided to leave Latios behind-the less baggage, the better-and made my door problem disappear.

A sole unarmed Arbiter was immediately behind the door, reminding me of what happened at Trident. I killed him before he could utter a single word of his offer, took out the surrounding troops that had suddenly teleported nearby me, and moved on. I only walked around at a leisurely pace, but strictly to conserve energy, and I made no effort to conceal any other outward form of my outrage, as I strolled along, killing whatever crossed me, so long as it was an Arbiter. The hallways were clogged with them, mind you: If not for recovering from the massive damage the Red Thunder did, they were there in waves to stop me from taking a step further and doing anything to their precious loyalists. It was a fun day of making metal scorch white-hot, and squishing floor to cealing. The hallways were annoyingly endless, but that didn’t truly matter with such easy opponents. Whether it was moving to kill me didn't matter either: they were all corpses, whether I was involved with it or not, and they were just peons waiting to be exterminated by me, now or later, only small annoyances that kept me from the bigger reasons I was here for: Destroying the Relic, killing as many Arbiters as possible, and severely weaken the whole cause.

After exploring a long series of hallways, killing about, like what, thousands upon thousands of Arbiters the whole time, I wound up face-to-face with the same baggage I swore I managed to shake free.

<"You know I'm not leaving you to wander around, doing-">

In the Arbiter-killing frenzy I had going on, Time lost all meaning and calculation, but whether it was hours or minutes, I didn’t care much for: Latios annoyed me greatly, not attacking, not just hovering around, just saying things, annoying me about trust, ally and enemy, passive and aggressive, and in ways that didn’t involve offensive pursuits. At this point, I was ready to punch Latios right in his face, knock his lights out, throw him off this Arbiter-infested ship, and resume the massacre, but my temper held, fortunately for him. <"Do you honestly INTEND to have me get SO angry, I go crazy, kill you, and resume my planned course? No matter what, that's bad for you, and I'd rather not waste the little time and effort it would take to do just that. BUG OFF!"> I made a final telepathic shout, before finding another dozen Arbiters to get rid off. The whole metal infrastructure was really helping matters, as most of the metal became a mural of my fatal work, blood-red and fleshy. This particular case was particularly gory, flaming flesh flying towards us in small chunks, and Latios got the picture: he was a 'guest,' but one that could be killed with no moral respite on my part, and he was starting to really get on my nerves. He stayed back and left me alone while I killed the Arbiters in my path. However, now something new annoyed me: the endless hallways and the never-ending flood of about a dozen Arbiters at a time, not even varying in tactics or ease, was starting to annoy me, but I wasn't dumb enough to let them have a few 'lucky' moments and give them an edge, or restrain myself. No, this was combat, and in combat, you do what kills.

Eventually, I found myself in another room, at long last, and it was devoid of Arbiters. It was also massive. Statues of Arbiters, probably some of the ancient (and, even then, still respected) Arbitarian Leaders, ones that honestly had some sense of restraint, unlike the a**holes that were currently screwing it over, were part of the decor, about three times as tall as me. However, in the center stood a giant statue of what I could only comprehend as Erevius, and it was almost as big as the room. The massive titan resembled a Dragon, but had six feathered wings as well as a pair of much larger scaled wings on his back, as well as a load of tentacles. The feet were kind of stubby, but the arms could have reached down to the feet with ease. However, if all of that could have been mistaken for something else, then nothing could have mistaken the fact that there were almost a hundred different snakelike heads, each ending in a head with a different facial expression. The largest had the decoration of a platinum and gold head crest atop its actual head, but the rest of this statue-as well as the other statues-were all made of Onyx, and surrounded by small pools of Arbitarian Energy.

I then realized how much I needed the Energy. I wasn't going to go for the pools that easily-in their own fortress, I wasn't going to be fooled into taking anything and springing a trap. I instead charged on the static in the air. Less effective, but safer.

"...The master of Armageddon, Erevius."

I whipped my head to the sound of Blizzard's voice, and he closed his eyes when we could have locked them. Obviously, the Arbiters weren't totally unknown to my strengths after all, and the eye-closing incidents weren’t just coincidence.

"We don't have any theories or ideas on creation, we just say he will destroy it all, play the biggest role in it, the actual destruction." Blizzard said, calmly. Apparently, the defeat of his father was either forcibly calming or intensely infuriating, and judging by the look on his face, Blizzard was infuriated by it.

"I'm not contesting your beliefs, I'm contesting your actions, and I will stop them." I said.

"I'll be frank, before we begin, Avalon...I've never heard of any person who would deliberately betray the Onlisk and kill several of its members, defending it by calling them inefficient, or saying they’re Arbiters, and say it's to improve the Onlisk and squash our faction. I've heard of a lot involving terrorism...But that's rather unique." Blizzard said. His tone was one to infuriate, and he pulled up Anti-Illusion gear, in the form of goggles, on his head all the while in a (futile) attempt to see me when the action began. I was resisting his Influence without effort, being a stronger Influential myself, but the actual words behind them was what got me.

"Yhea, and I've never heard of ba****d's your size before I met you." I said, rewarding all of Blizzard's hard work with the realization he went too far: I gave him my middle finger while drawing the Illicit Blessing, and the statues erupted with the Arbitarian energy on their surfaces, my work. They wouldn't be destroyed, but would definitely help in the long run. Oh, yes, that was followed by an almost immediate case of the ground being far too hot: the whole room's metals that weren't Arbit-Burning were now white-hot, literally burning. Blizzard had to create a thick layer of ice under just to stand on, in an attempt to keep from touching the lethal ground, a way to consume energy and make Blizzard tire easier: I could just stand where I was, the metal under my feet being no issue whatsoever (I could just cool the metal down directly under my feet and heat it up when I removed them) and the Dragon blood resisting some of the heat. Both of us were sweating madly, though, and I couldn’t deny this was going out of the freezer and into the frying pan. The Arbitarian footsoldiers that were about to flood the room were now kept at bay, because of the intense heat and the fact that they couldn’t cope with the heat: the undead cannot have Volteerist powers, end of story.

However, Blizzard wasn't about to step down. I had the advantage, sure, but Blizzard wasn't easily deterred by someone having the advantage. He also wasn't easily deterred by my first attack, which was ramming the whole blade into Blizzard's legs. It knocked him backwards, making him lose a lot of footing and granting me access to cut him up a little more, blood flowing out of his body, and he narrowly managed to freeze his feet in place before he was sent into a wall. He was wounded, but not dead.

Then he reacted: Ice tried forming at my feet. However, mach reflexes mean that I had more time to dogde than Blizzard realized, and I jumped to the statues, which was Arbit-Burning at my will, and henceforth wouldn't harm me. The area around where my feet were quickly emitted steam, like under Blizzard's icy platforms.

I wasn't expecting Blizzard to retaliate with gunfire, and no less with an energy-infused gun, something I can't control. This was ludicris preparation: how much did they know? The goggles he wore kept me from finding out too. Blizzard fired one bullet from the pistol-a model of a Vio, considering the lack of flash, reeking of Death Energy, before I ducked behind the statue. It was at this point that I turned invisible, and whipped out a light-based illusion of myself to peek out from the statue. Blizzard didn't fire at it, knowing it was just an Illusion, and looked around the room for me. The irony was that he wouldn't be seeing me with that. The Eon Twins and I do not manipulate light energy to keep invisible, but rather, manipulate their reflective down to naturally bounce light off and react. It's a natural defense that has no known counter. Crummy day for Blizzard.

I was on the statue of Erevius to shoot off a Mist Ball, which didn't catch Blizzard's eye. The attack launched silently, and remained so until the psychic forces that held the whole ball together exploded. Blizzard couldn't have been worse off: Now his goggles were shattered and his anti-illusion capabilities had to require energy, further expanding the precious energy he had. If he fell to the floor out of exhaustion, then it would be the end of this confrontation: At that point, he shouldn't have the strength to create more ice, and henceforth, he'd be putting his hands on freaking white-hot metal, something he wouldn’t have the stamina for, meaning one dead Blizzard. Of course, it took its toll on me as well, but I could control the effects, I was now currently eating one of those Energy Bars Mario introduced to me on the Triaton (I like how it’s literally packed with energy) and Blizzard was feeling the worst of it, as he was taking hits and other things...It was only the beginning, as Sadly for me, those good times were quickly overshadowed by a disaster.

"Sir! Onlisk Forces have found us! They're only scout ships, but they're going to get bigger ones!" An Arbitarian footsoldier yelled.

"What the-no, no, No, NO!! Get to the engineers, shields are up priority, forget weapons, shields are up priority, also up priority on escape vheicles..." Blizzard said, still yelling as he ran out, evading white-hot metal that I used as a last ditch attempt to kill him. However, he escaped, while I had a new priority of my own: Get what I need to do done quickly, and get out quickly. Or else. The idea of Onlisk battleships destroying the Calypso wasn't funny, and the fact that they'd probably send their best to destroy this massive Arbitarian stronghold didn't help.

(I'll be trying to get these up more actively from here on in.)
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