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Default Re: Confused? What happened to freedom of speech?

If you have any questions such as these, you may want to bring it to people's attention here. You might want to also read the rules: it gives you a better idea as to how the forum works, what you can post, what to not post, et cetera.

I know this isn't a debate thread, but one thing I'd like to point out is that your post was most likely deleted because it broke a rule. It may have been irrelevant, offensive, out of place, or some other reason. True, you have freedom of speech, but note that under reading the Terms and Conditions upon joining this forum, you took part in something that is called and what is Constitutionally known as an exchange of rights. Basically, you are given the legal right to post here under the condition that you follow the rules. Here's another example: unless you're a police officer or whatever, you're not allowed to bring a gun into a public building, even though it is your Constitutional right to have a gun. You forfeit the right to have it in that building in exchange for being able to access the building.

I hope that makes sense! Be aware of your rights, and of the rules!

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