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Default Budget Tournament: ROUND 2

Round 2 is a go. You've got a week from this post to get the battle done, but you guys were fast last time so it shouldn't be hard to meet that deadline. Ok, same as last time:

DP Revo/BW Revo (Default is BW)
Helds On(Can be turned off if agreed on by both battlers)
Slp/Frz/OHKO/Evasion Clauses On
No Weather
Normal Terrain
Winner: 2k + Advances
Loser: 1.25k + Out
Ref: 2.5k

Alaskapigeon vs MaverickKaiser
AmericanTreeFrog vs CommBA
Ash K. vs LS the Door Mat
gmandiddy vs Team Evolution
Captain Dude vs Fierce Deity
TheEvilDookie vs Kai-Mei
We Taste Pies... vs PichuBoy

Also, if it wasn't clear, the Ultra Mall is closed now.
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