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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Vincent Gunhold

Maybe it was because he looked normal. Or maybe it was because he didn't look dangerous. Either way, no one seemed to take him seriously. First, a teenager with crimson eyes and blades for an arm came up behind him, and whispered something about him being an idiot, and blood, and that kind of stuff. Then the bad-mannered, freaky... thing almost laughed at him. He almost groaned. He supposed that in a world of... people with weapons for arms, a two-feet-long dagger didn't look even remotely threatening.

But before he had a chance to start a real fight, the bird-human hybrid girl stepped in between them. “Peace,” she stated calmly. “There is no need for bloodshed, for it seems that we are all strangers to this land. I wish that I could answer your questions, sharp-one, but I, like you, have little familiarity with this land.”

"...You speak weird," was the reply. But the weird thing did lower her (his? Her? Its?) weapons. Feeling that this probably wasn't a great time to kill each other- for now- Vincent followed suit, putting the knife into his attaché case. But before he could start talking to others for some idea of where they were, there was a loud screech. Vincent turned, and saw a woman, stabbing her gigantic sword into a roof.

She gave them a welcome explanation, about where they were and how there were three groups. “The choice is yours,” she claimed. But from the way she worded it, there didn’t seem to be much of a choice at all. One side was trying to control everything, the other was trying to destroy everything, and hers was going to make this world full of rainbows and ponies, if what she said was true. She opened up two portals, one leading to her side’s base and the other leading to her enemy’s. It was silly to think that she was giving them a choice in the first place- she stated that she would cut off their heads, and the gigantic sword was certainly backing that up. Vincent snorted. She was probably just trying to take advantage of them being vulnerable and having amnesia. But before she left, she left a small device- a metal ball, to be exact, that will apparently ‘restore a little bitty part of your memories’. He watched it carefully. It wouldn’t be much of a shock if it exploded or something, given how untrustworthy the woman was.

After watching a few… beings touch them, he begrudgingly admitted that it was probably fine. The otter-creature seemed to be a bit dazed after touching it, which was admittedly what would happen if you regained your memories. But it was crazy to think that what this woman was saying was true- the speech was totally one-sided, and- well, it couldn’t be true! It was crazy, but what was crazier was the way everyone was charging into the supposed portal. Already the bird-girl and the scythes-for-arms went in, and others looked pretty convinced by the speech. Was everyone just really gullible, or was he too suspecting? By now nearly everyone seemed set about going through the portal, and Vincent just gave up. Hopefully she won’t lead everyone here to death, at least.

Before going into the bright portal, he decided against seeing what his past had in store for him- if it worked, of course. He wasn’t that afraid, or anything. But if it did show a memory, it probably showed one that would lead them to go through the portal. He didn’t want to be influenced by anything, when his neck could be on the line.

Slowly walking up to the portal, he went through.


Why was this forest so endless? She was a slow walker, but it seemed a lot closer when she started walking thirty minutes ago. Or was it? The forest made it impossible to tell time as well. But as soon as she thought that she was certain the distance was something she imagined. The village was only a few meters away, suddenly appearing to be closer. Cautiously she walked into the town, where there were a group of humans, morphs and some Pokemon as well. Almost every one of them seemed dangerous; one had a knife in his hand, for example. She decided to walk in quietly, not allowing anyone to notice her presence.

And right along with her arrival was the appearance of a woman, stabbing her sword down and making a huge screeching noise. Lisa winced, along with a few others. But everyone listened attentively when she started talking about why they were here, and how they could get their memories back. The woman stated that there were three factions, and hers was the good one. Opening up two portals, she said the evil-looking one lead to her enemy’s base. Lisa involuntarily shivered- the portal just didn’t feel right, and she would rather take the one beside it, which looked a lot more welcoming. She left, leaving a metal sphere that would help them restore their memories.

Lisa wanted to believe what she said. She didn’t feel like someone to downright lie- twist the facts, maybe, but not lie. And besides, there was no other choice but to believe her. The only way out of the village was the two portals, and the other one just felt wrong. It was a bit unfair of the woman to force them into this, but at least she didn’t look like someone that would lead them to death.

Trying to stay unnoticed, she walked through the portal.
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