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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Alyssa Ellis
Lavender Town, Cave

Alyssa shivered lightly as she huddled in the corner of the cave, her eyes darting back and forth in the darkness. Sargent, her Blaziken, knelt next to her in a defensive position, the flames around his wrists burning lightly. Alyssa heard the groaning and broken cry of a zombie bounce around the walls of the cave. She couldn't tell where they were, but her pokemon could.

"Sargent...let's get out of here..please." She said in a quiet voice, still terrified.

Her blaziken nodded, lifting her to her feet so she could walk behind him. She released her Grovyle, Karell, so the green lizard could guard their flank. The gecko growled, her head on a swivel. If the cave was this bad, then the outside must have been worse. Alyssa couldn't even tell what time it was. Hopefully she could find someone that was still...alive.

Lavender Town, Outside Cave

Ralek paced back and forth, watching the Geodudes and Gravelers that rested on the cliff face. He could smell live flesh and knew someone was coming, but he didn't want to dart anywhere. If he did, he would be zombie chow in a minute.

"Come on...Come on..."

He heard and rush and ducked behind a rock, watching as a Swellow flew from the cave, looking around. It wasn't a zombie...It was fully alive. Ralek watched as the Swellow turned its head to the cave, letting out a soft caw. He knew what it was saying instantly: "Come out, it's safe."

Shaking his head, Ralek barked quickly "No! It isn't!"

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