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Daniel Redrock
Deviant Graphix
San Fransisco
ARPers: Winter_Cherry (Al, Shiba, and Argeno).

Daniel listened quietly to Al's explanation of the Blue Roses - a group of Deviants, fighting the WAE as one? Daniel couldn't imagine it. He hadn't grown up around any Deviants. Just meeting these three seemed weird - they were so more alive than what he was used to. So instead of imagining, or even listening really, he pulled a pencil and a sticky note out of his pocket and began to draw a rose in bloom, with widespread petals. He was gently shading one of the thorns when Shiba's inquiry, as to whether Daniel had any more questions, brought him back into the land of the living.

"Um, no," Daniel muttered, suddenly feeling nervous for no explicable reason. He jolted as he realized that Cyrus must be in trouble. Just for a moment he was stuck in one of his Sona's memories: a pair of violet eyes, soft and kind but also shining with fierce pride. Then the image faded.

What are you getting into now? Daniel thought glumly as he looked out the back window, watching the traffic behind them. Fortunately, there didn't seem to be any police cars in pursuit. Hopefully things stayed that way - though frankly, Daniel doubted they would. Any of these cars could have been carrying Domini for all he knew. The thought was terrifying. Suddenly a question occurred to him.

"I do have a question, actually," he said, lifting up his pencil and jiggling it. No lead rattled within. "Any of you got a stick of seven-point on you?"

Theresa Maverick
WAE Tuner
Ambiguous WAE Base
ARPers: Sabi (Acursio), Winter (Nova and Ryza), and narphoenix (Michael)

Teri nodded, hastily scribbling notes on a Post-It. Withdraw... Vampires to Ahaelos and Ianu. Gain wilds and naturals, send ferals. Small squads into Umecite. She clicked the pen and stuck it and the note into her pocket. A cold voice suddenly hit her ears: the psychotic young girl, saying nice to meet you or some such. She gave the girl a nod of acknowledgement. She then waited for Acursio to stop speaking before raising a hand. "Excuse me, Acursio, sir... If I may, I have one more request. If you don't mind, I would like clearance to attempt to interrogate and break the Deviant named Michael Mikulam. I believe that such an... Interesting Deviant would be an excellent test of my skills as a Deviant-breaker, and I have little doubt that I can handle his rather unique brand of so-called Tungz charisma - if I can stand up to Domini, I think I can handle a twelve-year-old brat."

Simon Pruitt
Deviant Enginez
Highway 5, USA
ARPers: Sabi (Amiel) and narphoenix (Doc)

Simon let his shoulders sag as the girl spoke, offering to let him tag along with her to wherever she was going. However, the reaction was more from disappointment than the relief that came from the girl heavily implying she wasn't a WAE - the smell of bread was gone for some reason. He straightened up again, about to say that he would be able to easily fix his bike if he could have two minutes and a good wrench, but before he got the chance a strange man in a labcoat waltzed behind the gas station with them.

"Allow me to personally assure you, we are all on the same side here, I give my word," he said, waving a hand. His voice was rich and smooth. "I know this young woman very well. In fact, I came here to tell her something. Unfortunately, it is a bit secret, sorry."

He turned to whisper in the girl Deviant's ear. Simon resisted the urge to edge closer and try to listen into the conversation, not wanting to break whatever fragile trust the girl had. Instead he leaned down to inspect the moped, feeling the engine first, and then the wheels. To his relief, the problem would be easy to fix: one of the wheals had gotten jammed. He would be able to correct the issue in no time. He stood up again, feeling his many pockets. To his dismay, he'd been right when he'd assumed he'd lost all of his tools. He watched the newcomer and the girl, waiting for them to finish talking secrets.

Cyrus Nelvenmig
Magical Lumanx-Sona
ARPers: Those fighting the Antivity

"Well, it looks like I'm not the only one with things to explain," murmured the gargoyle. Cyrus looked at her, feeling himself stiffen. Yet again he was stricken by how familiar she was - and how much he owed her. He looked away and muttered something about how they could explain everything later, but the cybernetic dragon made no reply. Instead she curled into a ball and rolled away. Cyrus sighed and walked over to Fury, who was lying listlessly in the grass.

"Are you ready to go?" Cyrus asked in a brisk tone, hoping to re-energize his friend. If the lioness heard him, she gave no sign. "Fury, aren't you coming?"

"I don't see why I should," she snarled bitterly. "They're only going to find out I turned them in. Then they'll kill me - or worse, hand me over to the WAE. You heard that freaky metal dragon. She suspects me."

"She suspects us," Cyrus corrected, still trying to sound brisk. "Come on, Fury. They seem logical. Even if - and I do say 'if' - they were to find out, they would almost undoubtedly give you a fair hearing. You'll be fine. Besides, do you really expect me to believe you're willing to just lay here and wait for the spy Domini sent to show up and kill you or something? I don't think you do."

Fury grunted. She hesitated, then rose slowly and stiffly to her paws. Her form began to flicker and ripple. Sparks - so pale as to be almost white - danced across her body, and her purple eyes glowed. "Fine," she growled grudgingly. "Do you know which way they went?"

Cyrus angled his ears toward the battle party's position, and in an instant Fury dissolved into a cloud of white energy and zoomed off. Cyrus muttered a spell - a quick, easy spell to give him speed and stamina - and followed, his paws skimming the ground so lightly that he felt like he was flying. As he ran, he thought he noticed something dark against the pale sky - a bird? - but it quickly disappeared. He shook his head in agitation. He was seeing things. Even now, looking back at the field, he could see the image of a quickly sketched rose superimposed over everything.

If he ever got hold of the rotten Antisonas who'd fractured his mind and replaced colors with irritating hallucinations, there'd be hell to pay.

Energy Sona, now in convenient feline form
ARPers: The Antivity-thwarters

"Well, it looks like I'm not the only one with things to explain,"
Fury winced as she heard those words. She was so sick of being the Sona with the WAE for a creator. She was tired of feeling like and being made to feel like a traitor because of Drauvant's actions. She was sick and tired of not being able to hate him for all the guilt she felt.

Much to her dismay, Cyrus was able to talk her into rejoining the group, even though it wouldn't last. They'd find out about Drauvant somehow. And then came Fury's death. Or being handed over to the WAE. She hoped her ethereal form would work for a quick escape when the time came.

She moved with the crowd, able to keep up with ease. She moved through the buildings of Umecite just as often as around them, like a ghost. When the group halted in front of a messy stretch of terracotta buildings, Fury came to a rest as well, morphing into the shape of a ginger house-cat. She padded up to Cyrus and sat next to his leg, waiting for the others to be ready to do what was next - talk, travel, et cetera.
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