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Default Training Help

I've gone through BW so slow and now I'm at the League, but I'm stuck with a fatal problem: I need a better team, and I need advice for training my Pokémon. Here's my current team:

Zebstrika, Lv 44. Moves: Quick Attack, Volt Switch, Spark, Discharge
Darmanitan, Lv 46. Moves: Dig, Hammer Arm, Fire Fang, Fire Punch
Serperior, Lv 49. Moves: Grass Pledge, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado
Deino, Lv 42. Moves: Crunch, Dragon Tail, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush
Krookodile, Lv 43. Moves: Bulldoze, Dig, Crunch, Shadow Claw
Gothorita, Lv 33. Moves: Faint Attack, Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Future Sight

Also, if you can help me with choosing better moves, please do!

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