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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

name: King Harkinian
game: zelda
unlock guidelines, you may battle him after the following guidelines:

1) unlock every character and beat the game in and out
2) battle gannondorf with link 200 times without loosing any life at all

attacks: by throwing DINNER at you and forcing you to scrub all the floors in hyrule

controls: right B: throws chicken leg
left B: throws LOTSA SPAGETTHI!
up B: forces you to scrub all the floors in hyrule
down B: says MAH BOI (it just looks and sounds cool)

final brawl: uses his mighty DINNER blaster and blasts DINNER all over the feild, K,O ing all in field regardless of their health.

name: chuck norris
game: every single game ever made
you can loose to him by following the guidelines:
chuck norris will tell you if he thinks you are worthy

attacks by: winning (roundhouse kicking you in the face)


all buttons: wins

final brawl: wins twice
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