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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

name: route 39 gym
gym theme: sages (munks)
type: generally psychic but it varies
gym leader: a sage named torou
specifications: the gym is about testing how well your pokemon are trained, not generally how strong they are, at once you enter your pokemons level will be cut to 35, and restored at once you leave, the stats are cut depending on witch kind pokemon you use, for example, a mewtwo,s stats will be cut much much more than a sunken, making this gym very fair

leader,s pokemon:

alakazam Lv: 35

haunter Lv: 35

wobbuffet: lv: 35

steelix Lv: 35

espeon Lv: 35

foretress Lv: 35

prize: 7600p$, tm03: sword dance, power brace, effort badge