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Well, actually I think you need a new team, but since you're at the final of the game, let's fix some moves, so.

Zebstrika - Take Quick Attack and Spark out, they got low power base. Put Thunderbolt on instead.

Darmaritan - I think that Flamethrower (or Fire Blast) is all you need in his moveset.

Serperior - You have 4 grass type moves! What will you do if faces a fire enemy? Let's put some other type moves. Serperior isn't able to learn so many different moves besides grass, poison and normal, so put Gyga Impact.

Deino - It seems your best Pokemon, also, you don't need three dragon type moves in the same moveset.

Krookodile - Nice choice, but you have two ground moves and two dark moves, pick up one of each type and diversify this moveset like the previous party members.

Gothorita - She's okay, I think. Soon you should put Psychic in her moveset.

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