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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

Originally Posted by Princess_Eevee9 View Post
Blaze is actually from the future if you played Sonic Rush and Rushed Adventure although I don't know about Sliver!!

Although Modern Sonic games of today lack things that the Classic ones had one they do have is character development in my childhood I remember hating playing the original Sonic games if I couldn't play as other characters than Sonic because then it was just basically following a Mario format which bored me at times. I feel with all the diversity that Sonic characters have you think games the non-Adventure games would include them besides just the main ones! Shadow the Hedgehog was my favorite GC Sonic though I stupidly sold the game when I heard what people were saying about it without playing it for myself first!
No, she isn't. Not in those games. That's what 06 wants you to believe. Sol is a different dimension, not the future. There is a canon disparity between Rush and 06 with Blaze's origin.

Guys, the biggest problem I have with Sonic games nowadays is what they cost for what you get in story. I paid the full $40~ for Generations 3DS and highly regret it. I am only half way through because I do other games and stuff, but I can already see it's incredibly short. Forty dollars for a game I will finish in like a day? No. I bought Colors Wii used a while ago. Heard that one is pretty short too. I beat the story for Unleashed in 3 nights of solid playing. Loved it, but I haven't touched it since then. Paid full price for that too, and also regret it.

Reason I loved Adventure/2 and Heroes was that it took a while to complete and gave me a sense of accomplishment. Riders was great too. I still have yet to get all the Gears in that game, and my Zero Gravity is untouched.

I am very much enjoying my used copy of Rush Adventure like it's predecessor, and will be sad when I end it. The game is NOT short, and I like that. I STILL play the Sonic&Blaze final story in original Rush from time to time. It's just that good. I will never delete my save and restart because some of the Emeralds were a pain in the behind to get, but I really want another Rush game. It somehow manages to do all of modern Sonic's moves, while still doing the classic stuff, and that's why I enjoy it. New + old in one character = good IMO.
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