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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

@Princess Eevee: Yeah, Blaze is from a differet dimension, same goes for the Sol Emeralds, etc etc... I actually liked Rush and it's sequel. It was a lot of fun for me. And by the way, sucked in terms of SATSR was way too harsh. I'm just replaying it, and it's fun XD

@Grassy: Well, yes, Sonic '06 sucked, no doubt, but the thing is, it has bugs. Maybe more than Adventure, but there was some problems with Adventure, and people LOVE it. People nowadays just have higher standards. *sigh* though '06 sucked baaaad...

@Voices: You need to relax, please? SEGA fans are not as bad as some other fans. Square Enix ones, for sure. And by the way, Do I look like a damn zombie? I buy the games to play them, as does everyone else. Implying that most nowadays are stupid jerks may be appropriate, but not an entire fanbase. That's like keeping a class of students in at recess because one kid flipped the teacher off. Just rude.

@Kenny: As long as we're on this topic, I just want to say that AdventureDX is one hell of a long game. 60 missions, and 130 emblems >.>

Another topic to talk about: What happened to Tails? He used to spin dash and fly. Pure awesomeness? Methinks so. But now he's just a worthless background character, and he's kinda...a waste of a character. I could care less about Sonic, really, I want Tails to come back! :D

EDIT: Ninja'- well, not really. I forgot to click the "Post" button XD! SO I'll reply to the new stuff below:

@Bronislav: Yeah, I want a new Rush and Adventure for next christmas. :D

@Grassy: Yeah, but they should be raging about the important thing: Tails ;0;

@Obilveon: Yeah, I agree. What happened to Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Tails, Knuckles and Amy? It seems like they just keep making new characters every game only to never use them again. Like the entire cast of Secret Rings/Black Knight, Chip, Wisps? D: but do not fear, they might be bringing back a few awesome charaters:

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