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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

Originally Posted by Obliveon View Post
Mighty the Armadillo was in the games before? I didn't know that. Cool.
Mighty was, but only for...Geh...Three games, I believe. Then they forgot about him. Or rather, they can't find a way to put him in - they clearly remember them :/

@ Max: Yeah. Seriously, I miss being able to play as Shadow >.>' He's my favorite. Maybe because actually, you know, does important stuff and doesn't take any crap XD Plus, that motorcycle is awesome. AWESOME. I want it.

@ Pe2k - Well, I willingly admit they're no more amazing. Funny how an argument SEGA listening a little more to their fans than many other companies has devolved into Mario and Sonic dying.

Then again, people have no taste anymore. There is really no story behind Call of Duty, and I fail to see the appeal -.-'