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Default Leaders' Division

Welcome to the Leader's Division.

The Leaders' Division is a battle league devoted to Contests. Leaders award a ribbon, berries, and extra money for defeating them. They are only allowed to use Pokemon in their lineup, found in this thread, although they may choose to edit their lineup, with the approval of his/her League Organizer. Leaders are limited to using the types involved in their attribute. Therefore, there will be no use of of wildcard Pokemon in this league, variety is already encouraged and doesn't need to be bolstered. Leaders are able to set the rules of their gym battles, as long as the rule is a legal rule. However, the battle must be higher than 2 VS. 2. If the battle mode involves sending Pokemon and moves in the chat/thread instead of privately, the leader can decide who sends his/her Pokemon first.

It is the League Organizer's responsibility to be in charge of their league and making sure their Leaders are active.

A trainer may challenge a Leader for his/her Leader position if the trainer believes he/she can better defend the Division. However, the challenge must be approved by the League Organizer, who will decide the specifics of the challenge.
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