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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

@Voices: What Grassy said.

@Obliveon: Yeah, he was :3 at the very least, it shows that they remember the roots of Sonic.

@Grassy: Yeah, I hope someone already made some sort of copy or something of it XD I mean IRL.

@Zappo: I hope not. That is seriously what Sonic does not need.

And on the IGN thing, here's of Colors:

So horrible. SO they loved Colors, but it was too...hard? THE OLD GAMES WERE HARD TOO! And that's a minus, and the co-op? It was way too much fun if you were playing with another Sonic fan. The points they bring up are just retarded, especially the music part. The ONLY good thing about '06 was the MUSIC. Lies. Also, Unleashed looks beautiful too! They also say that Colors' took platforming advice from Mario. Yeah, sure, Mario. Basically this reviewer is a shallow idiot who sucks at Sonic and has only played Colors and the old, or as he says, Genesis Golden Age. And guess what game got the same score of 8.5? CoD Black Ops. Their ignorance eludes me.

Oh yeah, one major point? Graphics. ARGH! *flips desk*

I've changed my mind. I hope they bring back all the unused characters and the ones from the comics, and have them PLAYABLE. Not just Sonic anymore, diversity.

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