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Chip: Wow, I think the place died while we were gone. =o.O=

Okay, so I'm leaving a quick post-

You still know how to post, right? =^-^= *is glared at*

-to explain myself. As I may or may not have told a couple of you, my life has been a little crazy since before even Halloween. My brother in law was in school for an Army job, so my sister, nephew, and their dogs were staying between here and her in-law's house. Right after Thanksgiving they moved out of their house, put everything in storage while they house-searched, and left two boxers, a chihuahua and most of the time, my 4 year old nephew at our house. That's how it's been since before Christmas. And apparently, because they were out of a house, ours got turned upside down. B'

I didn't think they were ever going to find a place, but in a week, they close on their new house (I can hear the Hallelujah chorus). So, as long as everything goes alright (PLEASE) we'll be getting the dogs and all the stuff stashed at our house OUT next week. That should give us the chance to finally get things back in order and I'll be able to catch up with everyone and my reading. ^^'

Would you believe there's still Christmas decorations stacked up in the living room? XD *almost nailed by a water bottle*
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