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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

@Grassy: Who is this? I would like to watch his videos!

And yeah, maybe it was hard for me in some parts because my nunchuck kept screwing up and I thought it was the game XD and yeah, adventure's controls were awesome because...

They left a lot of room for being quick if you were good enough, or speedrunning. Some people were so fast, that the camera has problems catching up. Also, Sonic was so epic he could jump off the stairs on the Ancient Ruins in Adventure and land on the top. Hell yeah, like a boss.

I hear ya, Eggmanland...*shudders*

I think that they should just go back to Sonic '06, destroy the bugs, add new characters, new missions, and NO GLITCHES, and re-release it. That would be awesome.
...And, of course, fix the plot the F*CKED ITSELF

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