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Default Werewolf Mafia- Sign-ups-2/24/12

To Mods: If this shouldn't be done or if this is the wrong place please let me know and I will move/delete the thread.

This is a game known as mafia. Here is a intorduction to it if you haven't played it before.

Mafia games rely on strategy, logic and the players’ social skills. Before signing up for a game in the War Room, the host will provide a set of rules, which will give you a good idea of how the game will unfold. Most rules will indicate the level of difficulty of the game and how experienced you should be to play. (The host's guideline is for your sake; nobody who wants to play can be turned away.) The first step to any mafia game is thus to read and understand the rules.

Your next step is to understand your role. Roles are based on the character you will play in the game. Depending on theme of the mafia game, your role will vary from ordinary citizen to a very precise fictional character. Your role will give you three crucial bits of information: your alignment, your action and what you need to do to win (“win conditions”). A classic mafia format has three alignments: the Town, the Mafia, and the Independents.

• The Town

This faction is composed of the majority of the players united in eliminating all members of the Mafia. Town members, however, do not know who else is on their side.

• The Mafia

They are the agents of the seedy underworld. They’re a small group of players who know their teammates' identities and roles and must eliminate Townspeople from the game to win. Their main weakness is their limited numbers; their greatest strengths are having a team they can coordinate actions with and being able to kill at night.

• The Independents (NOT IN THIS GAME)

Not always present in mafia games, this third category refers to players who are neither allied with the Town nor the Mafia. Generally, Independents will have win conditions ranging from surviving the game to eliminating a specific player to completing a specific objective. Independent players might also have alliances that switch between Town and Mafia.

Now, let’s take a look at how the Town and Mafia eliminate each other. Effectively, the mafia game consists of a sequence of phases alternating between Day and Night.

• Days

The Day phases are when the Town may eliminate one player suspected of being Mafia through a public vote. Sadly for the Town, Mafia members masquerade as townspeople and will try to lynch innocents instead. The person with the most votes against them is eliminated. This is the phase when Mafia members are weakest.

• Nights

During the Night phases, the Mafia chooses to eliminate one Townsperson. However, the Townspeople aren’t totally defenseless. Many roles, regardless of alignment, provide the players with certain abilities that affect the game — ‘night actions.’ Notable Town roles with night actions include the Cop, who can check another player’s alignment every night to ferret out the Mafia, and the Doctor, who can protect another player from the Mafia’s wrath for the night. This is when Townspeople are weakest.

Some hosts might tweak the rules of their game to give a different gaming experience. Examples include multiple mafia factions, eliminated players remaining a factor in the game by having to protect a player from the Mafia kills, revealing all the roles and actions at the start but not which player has them, shuffling the various roles between players, having a cult whose goal is to convert Town players, and even prohibiting any communication between the players outside of the game thread. Each of these will force players to alter their strategies to win.

- Players may not post or share their role PM, either in private or in the public thread. Players may also not reveal the name of their role or their ability (no roleclaiming)

- Players may communicate with each other outside of the game thread.

- Phases will last 24 hours and the time at which they will be changed will be at 9:30 CST.

- Players should sign up to play and play nice. Players who fail to post for three phases in a row will be either subbed or removed from the game; players who display poor sportsmanship or disrespectful attitudes will be dealt with in accordance with forum rules.

- The rules are subject to change at the host's discretion.

So hopefully that answered some of your questions. If you have more please ask them and I will try my best to answer them.

Without farther delay the sign ups
1. Phantom0990
2. Eternal Moonlight
3. haybalebarn
4. 5TailedDemonLizard

Just put your username or say in the get in on this.

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