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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
There is no evidence to support they went bankrupt -.- I've looked it up. The one article I bothered to look at didn't even have a source.

Max didn't admit their glory days were gone, he said they were smart to pull out of the race. Please don't shove words into his mouth. And there is a difference between analyzing something and trolling, deary.

But you're right. I'm done talking about it. Because I'm PO'ed now, with all this pointless arguing. I always break into an argument with you, and I don't feel like spending more energy on you than I already have.

Basic - I don't think they're gone. Everyone hits a rough patch <3 And more or less, the bad ratings are undeserved. Can't spell ignorant without IGN. And the fans that cannot be pleased keep pushing, pushing, pushing. SEGA needs to give Sonic a rest for a year or so. Work on, say, Billy Hatcher or a new Crazy Taxi. Or Ecco the Dolphin! (Bloody game was so hard...)
You think I am trolling? xD Why are you PO'ed? How is this pointless? It cannot be an analysis when they have no idea what they are talking about.

They did not cancel the Dreamcast because they were smart, they canceled it because of their poor marketing.

I do not give a damn about IGN, Gamestop, GT, or any other game reviewers. I play the game and judge for myself. SEGA isn't gone, but their glory days are. A company can still be good and not be as successful as they were. As I said, the only way they will get back is if they merge with another company or they build a new gaming engine (and it had better be damn good) that no one else has.
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