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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)


Gym name: flowerburg Gym
Location: flowerburg
Type(s): Psychic, normal, water, and grass
badge:4 of 8
theme: Forest Waterfall

Psychic joe:
Abra(male lv.15)
kadabra(male lv 15
Alakazam(male lv.18)

Youngster bobby:
rattata (male lv.15)
Raticate(male lv.15)
meowth (male lv. 18)

lass miyumi:
Pidgey( female lv. 15)
rattata(female lv. 15)
buneary( female lv.18)

Camper loey:
paras(male lv.15)
victoribell( male lv. 15)
skiploom( male lv.18)

tuber mimi:
buizel( female lv. 17)
Goldeen(female lv. 14)
marill(female lv. 14)

Gym leader Pikari:
lopunny(female lv. 25)
Treecko(female lv. 19)
Squirtle( female lv. 19)
Eevee(female lv.19)
Gardevoir(female lv.19)
Buneary( female lv. 18)

gives out: The Grass fighters badge
and $10,000, TM aerial ace, frustration, water gun, psychic, and fly.