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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

Name: Saxoris

Gender: Male

Appearance: Saxoris doesn't look like someone who's 27, more like 20. His skin is a lovely shade of tan, sort of like the color of coffee, and his hair goes down to his waist and is red. And not fire-orange red, I mean drenched-in-blood red; and for some reason it's always very unruly, in way it's like Marluxia's hair. And for some reason his eyes are red too, and they're his natural color. He wears a white t-shirt with a red trenchcoat over it, and black Tripp pants decorated with chains and studs and somehow he can sneak up on people without being heard. He has huge black steel-toe boots and don't forget the katana strapped to his belt.

Personality: Saxoris is a bit of a jerk, he holds himself higher over everyone and acts as if other are toys to be played with at his expense. He hates it if this behavior is turned on him though, which is why he hates the Organization. He is rebel, always bucking the system and doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And if someone tries to tell him what to do they get a katana in the face. Saxoris is capable of being nice, believe it or not, he can even be as genteel as Ziaxim, but this is rare. But whenever he gets nice, his sarcastic streak rears its ugly head and he has withering comments for everyone. Saxoris always acts as if he's searching for something, besides his heart.

History: Saxoris lived a quiet life in Traverse Town, he never disturbed anyone, and was honestly glanced over a lot as an individual. Despite no one noticing him, Saxoris had ambitions. He wanted something better than what life was giving him, he wanted to be better. Not only that, but he was constantly searching for something. He had no idea what he was searching for, he just had to find something. He never got to find it though. One day while wandering the streets of Traverse Town, a Heartless jumped out of the shadows and ripped his heart out.

Saxoris awoke some time later, super pissed and with a figure in black standing over him. The person requested that the new Nobody come with him. Saxoris didn't really want to go, but tagged along nonetheless. The person introduced himself as Luxord, and went to explain Saxoris that he was a part of Organization XIII and Saxoris had a chance of becoming a member too. Saxoris didn't like the idea, but he went along with it anyway cuz hey, he needed to know what the hell just happened to him. Xemnas took one look at the Nobody and immediately didn't like him, but renamed the man anyway.

Saxoris managed to last three days. Only three days. Every opportunity he got he bucked the system and he didn't do what anyone told him to do, because he HATES being ordered around. He didn't like following rules and wanted to do what he wanted. He did collect hearts and do the missions, but the other members grew to dislike him anyway. (Well, except for Ziaxim, but that's beside the point) On the third day, Saxoris and Xemnas finally clashed, getting into a huge argument and yelling fit. Xemnas finally said that Saxoris either had to change or get out. And in front of every member of the Organization, Saxoris ripped off his cloak and burned it, then scattered the ashes at Xemnas' feet. Then he basically said: "Fine, piss off. I didn't like being here anyway, good riddance." Then he walked out and left without another word.

He went back to Traverse Town, his hometown, drifting. He was still on his quest to find something, but now included his heart. Saxoris is a VERY angry person. He lost his heart, and he feels as if he's been cheated of something in his life. He hates other people who have hearts, because of how they can have emotions and lead normal, uneventful lives without having some Keyblade Wielder or Organization member coming around the corner to knock your brains out.

Element: Sun. It's sort of like summoning fire, but this fire is golden and blazes much, much hotter than actual fire. Not to mention it explodes. When Saxoris activates his full potential, he starts glowing golden and sometimes it looks like he's on fire. He can make things spontaneously combust or explode in daylight. During the nighttime, his power is considerably weakened but not totally gone. (Because moonlight is the sun's rays reflected off the moon so HAHA I FOUND A LOOPHOLE.)

Weapon: A katana strapped around his belt named Gin’iro Kaze ("Silver Wind"). However, this is not a normal katana. It changes. It is a weapon that bends completely to Saxoris' will, he can shout commands to it and the sword with actually obey him. Saxoris can do many things with it, but his most common attacks are making the blade grow longer and using it like a whip. If he says the sword's name then it can summon a razor wind that can cut the right through clothing.

Lesser Nobody: Saxoris created his Scorpion Nobodies after his fascination for the creature, but he made some changes. The creatures look like horse-sized scorpions, but are silver with intricate black patterns. Instead of two pincers they have four, and are jointed so they can bend like thumbs. The pincers rotate, which allows the Nobodies to bury underground and dig through practically anything. All along their backs are hedgehog-like quills, which can puff up and shoot off its back, and they don't stop. Those quills will literally chase you down until they hit you or they're destroyed. The Nobodies are incredibly fast, their tails can strike with the blink of an eye, and their most powerful attack is a spinning attack very similar to Kurt Zisa's. Their only disadvantage is that they can only attack things directly in front of them, but their only weakness is their eyes so you have to get in front of them to attack.

Theme Song: Saints and Sinners by Godsmack. Lyrics are here. There's just so Saxoris that it's amazing XD

And then Der Meister by Rammstein.

Other: He's a cocky lil' bastard.
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