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Default Re: Early Activity/Interest check: This year's Team RP/War Season RP

Then yes Jess, characters can die, but then there would be a way to revive oneself so you're not forced to quit the RP.

See the thing with Sonic's universe is there's two world's to differentiate between. Their version of Earth which would be where most action would be taking place, and there's Mobius where Sonic and Company come from originally. Mobius would be largely unused though, since the bipedal animals with the strange ability to talk have been appearing on "Earth" for many years now, too. So we can't call Poke-Earth Homeworld because not everybody comes from there, sorry Ken. Metal and Grassy wanna not name Mobius, but it has to be referred to as something. Really, it should be called Mobius for simplicity sake. BTW Robotnik and Robotnik Nega are the only humans in their versions of Mobius.

I personally am not one to put a limit on species. If you can adequately explain what they're doing on Sonic's version of Earth, then I would say it should be allowed. A good origin story is a good origin story. Do keep in mind that by essentially creating a species, especially one that is imbalanced with the others, you can create a power imbalance in the entire RP if other people like it and choose to play it too.

Ken it was originally War, if you remember. It was ONLY all caps when put in thread titles for easy notice. I KNOW when we did wars 1 and 2 it was typed as War in actual text. People just got lazy. Please, unless you can come up with an acronym for WAR, stop using it.

What exactly do you mean interactive? Character versus character conflicts? It's just that every War RP except 1 and 5 never had a true conclusion. It never even got to conflicts, cause people only cared about points and not good story. I'm sure if we institute a "the RP must end or nobody wins" policy, there will be more conflicts.

Thanks for the support Moonlight! I'm thinking May or June, possibly April if people are particularly impatient.
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