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Default Re: Early Activity/Interest check: This year's Team RP/War Season RP

I won't call it Mobius - no offense to you guys - but for some odd reason I just have a lot of hatred for the name. I don't understand why. I think it's because everyone believes it to be the canon name XD I'm such a nitpicky little fact person :3 But, yeah. Not going to argue it anymore XD So you guys can call it that, but I will not.

WAR - We Are Ready
WAR - Warfare All 'Round
WAR - Wacky And Random


I was so angry that 5 didn't end. I had so much planned for Triple T >.< Her own arc and everything! (Plus, turning the creepiness factor to OVER 9000!)

I have a race as well, but I don't think I'll use the Huwings (basically, my response to how "humans" developed on Sonic's planet. After all, what happened to those evolving? I had to answer that question). So far the only character I intend to use is Shadow - if I use too many, I can't develop them as well.
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