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Wink Re: Early Activity/Interest check: This year's Team RP/War Season RP

Well, it is canon. The comic and cartoon in the 90s both used the name. The video games are considered the main canon though, and it was never named there. I just think we should use Mobius for convenience. It needs a name so it can easily be referred to, and why make up a name when one already exists pretty much? If you're not gonna use the name and be odd then just have any character you play call it home or something. XD

Lol at the acronyms. I personally like Warfare All Around, but that implies a more chaotic conflict than we're usually used to. Everybody should just stop using WAR, because it's just incorrect and wrong.

Don't you mean 10? The last War was 10. I feel the same way. I had a lot planned for Renita, too. I do plan to write a fic about it one day.

Oh and there's only one human on Sonic's planet: Robotnik. He's obviously from Earth. Honestly, if Sonic wans peace he can just keep foiling Eggy's plans until the guy just gets old and dies. SEGA won't ever kill him off though, since they'd lose money if the story truly ends.
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