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Default Re: The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan

Holy crap. So, I see The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan received some special attention yesterday! I am extremely impressed that I have a fan who is a Staff Member that actually wrote an article about this! My great thanks to you, Velocity!

So, in honor of Velocity, I banged this out rather quickly. It is a short chapter, but we're going to go ahead and delve into Bianca's psyche for a little. But we won't be back for a few chapters!

Chapter Four - Professor Juniper, Part III

Point of View: Bianca

"Oshawott is unable to battle! Farren of Nuvema Town wins!"

What the heck? He won?

I rushed over to my Oshawott as quickly as I could, picking him up gently, being mindful of its scratches and scrapes. What was that? Some illusion-based Razor Shell Faint Attack combo? Was that even a legal move? Professor Juniper was walking over to him, grinning from ear to ear and with a round of applause, so I guess she had no problem with it. When did Farren become so competitive, or so creative?

I pulled out my Poké Ball. "Oshawott, return. You deserve a good rest." In an instant, it shot out a red beam towards Oshawott, transforming it into shapeless red energy only to be sucked into the ball. I tucked the Poké Ball into my purse, and walked up to Farren, who was jumping up and down, carrying Zorua in his arms in a celebratory manner.

Stretching out my arm with sportsmanlike conduct, I offered my hand. "Great battle, Farren. How did you get so good? I've never seen anything like that!"

He immediately put Zorua down to shake my hand, but hesitated to answer. After retracting his hand, he placed it on the back of his head. He was biting his lip, and seemed to be taking his time to think of a response. "I don't know. I guess something came over me."

I figured as much. But this wasn't like Farren, especially to be so hesitant. He was normally such a charming guy... I mean, he was always assertive, always ready for anything anyone could ever throw at him. What was this, a passive spell? And why wasn't he so depressed that he didn't get Oshawott? Don't get me wrong, I love the Pokémon I ended up with, but he once told me he would be devastated if he couldn't have the Pokémon he wanted. That conversation we had last night over the phone... did it not mean anything to him?

Professor Juniper suddenly turned to me, still beaming. "You and Oshawott performed commendably, Bianca! You should be very proud. When Farren's Zorua transformed into a Samurott, Oshawott was paralyzed with fear, probably because Samurott usually make all of the decisions in nomadic packs of Samurott, Dewott and Oshawott. You were able to get Oshawott to see the reality: from the little I have read about Zorua, their illusions are very convincing, so you must be an incredible trainer!"

I didn't know what to say! The Professor always had a few nice words to offer. Turning around a little, I blushed, clutching at my arm. I guess that much was true: I was unusually calm during the entire battle. Normally I was the passive one, always yielding to other people. Maybe getting my first Pokémon changed me a little. Perhaps that happens to a lot of people, not just Farren and I.

Suddenly, a beeping noise, and Professor Juniper jumped a little. "Oh, it's just my phone here... Ah, I see. Cheren and Genna had made their way home, and now that it's... oh my, it's three o' clock! Where did the time go? Well, because it's kind of late, they decided to put off their adventure another day. You two probably should, as well. Don't you think?"

I mulled it over, but Farren looked at me with an unsure glance, like as if my decision was to be his choice as well. "Well, on the downside, it puts off the adventure for another day. But on the upside, that means all four of us can walk through Route 1 together tomorrow morning!"

Farren seemed to like the idea. "That means we get another day to think about things. I mean, we get another day to just relax, perhaps hang out with our Pokémon?"

Don't get me wrong; I loved the idea, but it wasted a day we could be taking advantage of to go on. Why did Cheren and Genna even make that decision though? Weren't they just as eager as Farren and I were to get going? Were they just having a lazy day?

Professor Juniper noticed that I was reading into it a little more than I should have by just standing in silence. "Don't worry, Bianca! You'll get to go on tomorrow. I mean, it's your choice, but it looks like Farren, Cheren and Genna want to wait a day."

I guess there wasn't too much harm in that. But it was disappointing.

"I'll tell you what," proposed Professor Juniper. "Let's go inside, and I'll heal both of your Pokémon. By the time they're all fixed up, it'll probably be time for dinner with your families. Make sure to call your parents first."


The afternoon golden sun was beginning to make its way towards setting as the day winded on. I had finally made it back to my house, and here already it was half past six. Once the Professor had started to treat Oshawott, it wasn't long before it was wanting to play again. Zorua was really a cute little thing, but still rather naughty. It played more tricks on Oshawott with its illusions, turning into random Pokémon. Some of them I knew, some of them I didn't know. There were a couple that Professor Juniper couldn't recognize! Thankfully it didn't turn into Samurott again. I don't like seeing Oshawott that scared.

My cottage was a tad isolated from the rest of the town, just like Professor Juniper's lab. Except, Professor Juniper lived to the north, near Route 1, and I lived to the south, by the Unovian border. My house is by the edge of the Nuvema's most lavish neighborhood, Cliff's Point. Most of the inhabitants here either moved here from Undella Town or from somewhere else outside of Unova. In my case, I was born in Goldenrod City, Johto. I had moved here two years ago, and became best friends with Farren, Cheren and Genna. The lodgings here were a little over-the-top. Many of them had some of the same things: pools in their backyards, gazebos, electric fences, elaborate gardens. They almost reminded me of the villas we would see in the Resort Area in the Sinnoh region, whenever we would vacation there. Or rather, since I lived here, it was moreso the other way around.

As soon as I got to the front door, I got out my key and let myself in. The house was a temple of silence, as always. Mom and Grandma are usually the only one home, and Kiara - the maid - is often cleaning, usually twice a week. It was just a little seaside home with ocean wallpaper, decorated by water Pokémon, and a bunch of trophies Mom had won, from when she was Miss Johto five years in a row before marrying my Dad. Dad was a executive board member - now CFO - of éPhone industries, so he was always away from home.

"How could you do such a thing?" I heard someone upstairs say with a low, authoritative voice. "Our daughter, going out there in the real world? It's dangerous, Betty!"

Dad. He was home. I stood quietly, sighing.

An older, feminine voice spoke up: Grandma Bertha. "Now, now, Larry. Calm down. Back in the Sinnoh region when I was growing up, we -"

"But that was a long time ago!" bellowed my father. "Here in Unova the law used to be, as it should, only twelve-year-olds can have Pokémon trainer licenses. Bianca is eleven years old. My daughter is too young, too naive!"

"Your daughter, Lawrence?" I heard my mom shriek defensively. "Your daughter? What happened to our decision? You've left me out of every decision! How dare you take possession of something you rarely see! You're too restrictive! You're rarely home, never doing anything to see Bianca, never making the effort to show you care!"

"I'm the one that pays the bills! I said you could stay at home, that you didn't have to work, that you could stay at home to care for her, not raise her entirely how you see fit! I have a say in what my daughter does, too!"

"Enough, you two!" cried Grandma Bertha, so hysterical that it left my insides cold. "Bianca will be home any minute! Do you think that she wants to hear you two fight? She's not going to -"

Before I could hear anything else, I turned around. I went out the front door, going back the way I came. North. Towards Route 1.

I ran. I didn't look back.
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