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Default Re: Early Activity/Interest check: This year's Team RP/War Season RP

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
Ken it was originally War, if you remember. It was ONLY all caps when put in thread titles for easy notice. I KNOW when we did wars 1 and 2 it was typed as War in actual text. People just got lazy. Please, unless you can come up with an acronym for WAR, stop using it.
That's just your obsessive-compulsive personality trait talking, bro. I could care less. But since you want one: Warring Across Regions. XD

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
What exactly do you mean interactive? Character versus character conflicts? It's just that every War RP except 1 and 5 never had a true conclusion. It never even got to conflicts, cause people only cared about points and not good story. I'm sure if we institute a "the RP must end or nobody wins" policy, there will be more conflicts.
The issue was exactly that. There's no interaction between characters and people who are rping them. I literally spent the entirety of war 6's rp doing everything by myself with little interaction with other people. Heck, Neo spent his time doing either a project or having a small skirmish with rust. It got kinda boring. There has to be some way of dealing with this though, considering that it is very obvious that the best rps and the most memorable ones were clearly the most interactive ones. Both wars 1 and 5 had a clear villain for certain periods of time (Syrus, rust, and I) and creativity really took off during those times.

So while I agree with your assessment, it is also clear that we need to think in a way that is completely different from how we have done the past couple of wars before. What we want is less structure and more fluidity in how we initially present the storyline and encourage interactions between rpers.
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