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Default Re: Early Activity/Interest check: This year's Team RP/War Season RP

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
Well, it is canon. The comic and cartoon in the 90s both used the name. The video games are considered the main canon though, and it was never named there. I just think we should use Mobius for convenience. It needs a name so it can easily be referred to, and why make up a name when one already exists pretty much? If you're not gonna use the name and be odd then just have any character you play call it home or something. XD

"I'm going home."
"To the ARK, Shadow?"
"No, the planet."
"But isn't your home the ARK?"
"Yes, but I'm going to the planet."
"But you just said-"

^ I'm so going to have skits like these in my post. Only I can make Shadow humorous XD

Yeah, I meant on my world Bron I had to answer what happened to the tree that was supposed to evolve into humans. I had to answer that for my story XD

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002
That's just your obsessive-compulsive personality trait talking, bro. I could care less. But since you want one: Warring Across Regions. XD

I tried to be interactive with Triple T, but it was really hard to do. Also, might I suggest not throwing as much information in our faces? I couldn't remember...Well, any of it really on the initial post(s) of information for War last year. I realize they need a lot of information, but I think it was simply too much XD (This goes back to what Metal was saying about too much information scaring people).

Perhaps areas could be discovered as it went on...?
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