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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

True, true. XD Lol, considering she has at least Apollo and Bas wrapped around her fingers, and her fade ability, I'm she'll be safe from the halberd.

Name: Xens, though he prefers Apollo
Gender: Male
Appearance: Apollo is what most would consider a stereotypical emo by appearance--he's pale-skinned, kind of lanky, he's got an overall dark color scheme going on, and his does the "emo flippy thing." He stands in at around 5' 9", and has less prominent muscles than you would expect with his weapon of choice. His pale skin is brought out even more by all the black on him, his face is framed by inky black hair that hangs jaggedly around his chin while his bangs are brushed to the right side of his face, often to the point it obscures his right eye, and his eyes are a pale shade of blue-green, and lacking anything close to eyeliner around them. He wears a simple pair of dark blue jeans with a black t-shirt under a black coat similar to, but noticeably different from the coats the Organization members wear. He's also known for wearing black leather gloves and black steel-toe work boots (partly to keep Kira from stepping on his toes as much), and often feels cold to the touch, though he doesn't notice it. Typically he has Artemis stuck to his side, not that he minds.
Personality: Apollo is a fair bit more quiet than his near-constant companion, Artemis, but he doesn't mind explaining what he can to her, seeing as she's got him wrapped around her fingers. He's not outgoing, but is fairly friendly, however not incredibly trusting of others until he has been around them for some time. He seems to be fond of Bastia, joking with her about "the old days" and teasing each her just as much as she teases him, however when it comes to anything serious, he'll keep an eye on both of them and try to make sure neither gets hurt too badly. He has a particular fear of Dusks that turns him into a bit of a mess, however, leaving the people around him to step up in fights where they are involved. He has a habit of thinking of the others around him more than himself.
History: Before Apollo became Xens, he was Sen. Sen was a fairly happy guy who considered himself lucky to have the life he lived--he had everything he could have ever asked for, which wasn't a ton. He had a decent family, a fairly stable household, a small but tightly knit group of friends, and Mia. He grew up with Mia, listening to her play her violin and sing first from afar, as they were next-door neighbors, and then close up once he got the courage to talk to her. This was the start of a beautiful friendship that would eventually became more, after their home world was lost to the Heartless and Mia ended up in Traverse Town alone while Sen and his parents ended up escaping there together. A short time afterwards, he found Mia again, alone, upset, and in need of a home, so he and his family took the girl in. Life went on and changed surprisingly little from what it had been before, the biggest change being that he and Mia eventually started dating--otherwise, life was hanging out, listening to Mia's little street corner performances, and helping out people in Traverse Town. Mia moved out and took up a permanent residence in a friend's hotel just before she turned seventeen, where she lived quite happily for about a year and a half before the incident with the Heartless of a fan--something Sen never found out about. To him, she had just disappeared, and losing her absolutely crushed him. Sen got careless, and then about three months later, he was attacked by a Heartless on his way home from grocery shopping and had his heart taken from him.

He woke up in The Castle That Never Was, thanks to the fact that Axel was out wandering around, however he didn't stay very long. After Finding out about Xima from Demyx, he snapped, not quite understanding what had happened to her or himself, and ended up trying to break out of The Castle That Never Was. What ended up happening was that rather than dealing with him, Xemnas deemed him unstable and gave the order to have him eliminated. Why they sent Dusks, no one will ever know, but the creatures attacked him unrelentingly, following him across worlds until he somehow found his way to Traverse again and there passed out from exhaustion and his multiple injuries, where the Dusks left him to die. However, he was found shortly after he was left by a young girl clad in nothing but white who sent a jolt of emotions through him every time she touched his bare skin and her polar opposite. Finally the smaller girl (who would eventually become known as Artemis) pleaded the other into taking him with them to their apartment to try and heal him. Once healed, the girl insisted he stay, and he became a permanent member of the household, though he gave up on trying to ask the girls anything or trying to find Xima, though they found her about two years later anyway. A year after meeting the girls, he chose his name out of a collection of stories of the gods in a library in the Olympus Coliseum, which the girl chose the pair to. Once finding Xima, they moved into Mia's old apartment with her and have been there ever since, helping her plot.
Element: Ice
Weapon: A huge scythe, which he calls Eternity, which has a black metal handle and it's blade is dark blue, white and silver. It stands roughly the same height as him and the blade is pretty big--it's the kind of weapon you'd think that he wouldn't be able to pick up, let alone use.
Lesser Nobody: N/A
Theme Song: Somewhere I Belong-Linkin Park There are so many ways to apply this song to Apollo, but mostly, I see it as describing his past and what he hopes for.
Other: If you haven't noticed yet--it's a bad idea to go after Artemis with him around.

Name: Lillie
Age: She's not sure; older than the 16 or so she looks
Gender: Female
Appearance:Lillie*I drew this, steal and die!*
Lillie is one of those faces you just don't forget--she doesn't look like most other girls. At about 5' 7", her height and lean body are about the only things about her that one might consider normal. She has lower back length hair that's a snowy silver color which seems to catch people's attention, as do her eyes, which are pale gray in color and childish. She is often seen wearing a blue dress that goes down a few inches below her knees with a pair brown cowboy-style boots, and a simple sort of white capelet shrug to cover her shoulders held in place by a single blue ribbon. She wears a simple chain-link bracelet around her left wrist that is adorned with a few pins covered in brightly colored designs, as well as a single charm that looks like an orb of some kind of light blue stone held in place by a spiral of metal wrapped around it.
Personality: On the outside, Lillie is a fairly happy-go-lucky kind of girl who finds a bit of humor in most things. She's incredibly animated when her movements are concerned, which helps when you consider the fact that she's mute, though she isn't beyond writing things down on paper or tracing letters out on palms when people don't understand her odd sign language, though it annoys her greatly. She's almost always smiling to some degree, and she seems to understand a lot more than most would think where emotions are concerned. She is most often friendly and kind, willing to help out others in a tough place when she can, but she also has her 'demons' as well. Uses her cheery outward personality to hide a mind tormented by the constant thought that she is weak and a horrible person due to her past, and often haunted by the knowledge that she never told her companion who she was, taunted by things she's never had the chance to say because being mute made it harder than it already was to let out. Part of her reasoning behind helping is to find a way get back to her world and prove to herself that she isn't weak and so she can work up the courage to tell her constant companion some of the things she should have told him years ago, when they met in her "third life". She is incredibly wary of Nox.
History: Lillie was a girl named Kari once. Kari had the life that all her friends wanted--sure, she lived with a single father because he and her mother's relationship just hadn't worked out, but they were on relatively good terms and she saw her mother regularly, she made good grades in school, she was a member of the art club, whose work was littered around the school, and she had long-time best friend turned boyfriend, Nabi Mizawa. The thing was, Nabi came from a very upper-class family, which lead to the end of her "first life" when they were both kidnapped and held for ransom. Unfortunately, even once the ransom was paid, both of them were shot and killed rather than returned to their families. What neither was expecting was to wake up in sort of underlayer world referred to as the Underground or UG and be forced to play a game in which they were supposed to complete a mission every day for seven days, and they would be given a second chance at life if they won. Unfortunately for Kari, she was eliminated during the middle of the week in attempt to save Nabi's life in a freak incident so he could continue on--this is where her opinion of herself being weak and a horrible person comes from, as she ended up having to watch Nabi see her die twice. Shortly after, her "third life" began upon waking up in a restaurant booth to hear people talking about her, with her body feeling a lot smaller than she was used to it feeling. It was shortly afterward that one of the two talking about her told her that she looked like she was about ten or so, had silvery hair, and gray eyes, she also discovered she could now no longer speak, which nearly drove her insane for the longest time because she kept forgetting that she could no longer speak. The pair that found her, a Sanae Hanekoma and Shiro Fuyu, kept an eye on her until Nabi won the game, though opted to become one of the game's "villains," known as Reapers, making him a bit of a permanent fixture in the UG, so Kari (not Lillie yet,) went to stay with him like old times, but in her strange new body.

However, the moment her eyes met his, she couldn't bring herself to explain to him what had happened to her, so she simply didn't tell him. Instead, she "told" him that she didn't have any memory of who she was, or how she got there, but she thought he looked like a nice person and asked to stay with him. He told her she could, and after awhile, he began calling her Lillie, and she used the soul in the UG air to hide herself from everyone but his eyes and the other two who knew about her, and lived like this for years without growing, or even changing, really, but Kari/Lillie didn't mind. She buried most of Kari's personality and took on the personality of Lillie willingly, though she was taunted by certain things every now and then, and on occasion she'd receive nasty dreams about her first death, but not enough to really bother her. In most aspects, her life was peaceful and even somewhat happy.

And then her world fell apart. Heartless invaded, and attacked the residents of both the UG and the world she had come from before she landed in the UG. It was a long, harsh, and quickly losing fight against them that ensued, the end of which Lillie does not remember. All she remembers is waking up on the ground in Traverse Town and then immediately panicking because she couldn't find Nabi. Immediately afterward, she seemed to realize that her body was a lot closer to the size she remembered it being when she was Kari, but she was still in the body associated with the name Lillie, and she still couldn't speak. Eventually, she was found by Artemis, who took her back to the group and had the situation explained to her. She's now offering her help for both her own benefit and for the benefit of others.
Weapon: Whatever happened to give her her "third life" has given Lillie the ability to manipulate an energy known as "Soul," which composed the beings of and most of the objects in the Underground world where she came from, but she has found it to be present in these worlds as well, even if not as important in their structure. She often uses Soul in the air to form a bow an arrows to fight her enemies off with, and maybe sometimes to make the pins on her bracelet work, but it rarely uses it in any other form, and when she does, the result often isn't as powerful as her bow. (If you're familiar with Bleach, think the Quincy abilitiy to manipulate spirit energy to form weapons)
Theme Song: Words-Skylar Grey This song and talking to ShadedSolace on dA inspired Lillie's massive overhaul and appearance here.
Other: While it's mentioned that Lillie is mute, it's more of an inability to speak. She can, for some reason she doesn't quiet understand, still giggle, laugh, etc, so long as words are not involved. She will also forget that she can't talk at times when she's excited or angry, and will burst into rounds of soundless lip moving from time to time.

Name: Rei
Age: Not sure, looks to be in her late teens to early twenties
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rei isn't all that impressive, really. She stands about 5' 5" and is thin, but she's a lot stronger than she appears (which is kinda scrawny). She keeps her silvery hair cut short at about chin length, and even brushed back it's still messy, falling into an almost feathered sort of style, framing her face and bringing out her pale green eyes. She wears a dark blue sleeveless ribbed turtleneck shirt with black shorts and black work boots while simple black leather work gloves cover her hands. A pair of sword sheaths can be found strapped to her lower back in an X shape, so that either end of the swords poke out of hiding behind her small frame so she can reach her swords easily. Typically she's got at least one band-aid or bruise visible on her, considering she's always tripping on/falling down/running into something. Amazingly, she hasn't broken any bones or lost any teeth yet.
Personality: Rei is an enormous clutz, yet she's almost always upbeat about it. She's friendly as can be, wanting to help others, but she also has a problem with worrying, particularly about not being able to perform the duties people expect her to--particularly what her boss expects her to do. She's got a heart of gold and a strong sense of loyalty to match, though this loyalty may end up tearing her between her wish to do right and her need to follow those that she is loyal to. If she thinks well of a person, she will defend them verbally and physically without thought of herself, as she has very little self esteem due to her past. She will berate herself for doing anything wrong to the point it can drive other people crazy. Even so, she seems to bring out the kindness in most people, and wants to see the best of people in turn since she's spent most of her life surrounded by quite a few people ruled by the worst in them.
History: *As of Metal's old FFVII RP 'cuz I'm lazy*
Rei was raised in a science lab in the ShinRa electric company, among her "brothers and sisters" as one of Professor Hojo's experiments; a batch of clones based on Sephiroth. Among the other clones, she was considered quite useless once it was made clear that she couldn't walk across a flat, stable surface without falling due to tripping on something (or rather, nothing at all). She was made fun of by not only many of the other clones, but was relentlessly insulted by Hojo, this was why she ended up forming the happy clutz personality--to try to protect herself a bit more, though it didn't work very well. The insults hit home way too often, one of the biggest being her name, which literally means "zero" or "nothing"-- what Hojo and quite a few others said she was worth. This landed her with her with massive self-worth problems. She always considered herself unlucky, something that both does and doesn't seem to be true, as recently a lot of her bad luck has been immediately followed by good luck.

Not too long ago, conflict erupted between ShinRa and AVALANCHE again, and the clones were planted in the middle of the conflict, however Rei came in towards the end. She and some of the clones were moved to a building where Rufus Shinra was giving a televised announcement when one of the other clones decided to stage a sort of mutiny against Shinra, most of the mothers were in on it, but Rei was in hiding in the room when the clone decided to try to kill Shinra and everyone else. When she was attacked, Rufus saved her life, something that boggled her mind, though she then joined in the fight to repay the debt she now owed him. This was where she learned that apparently her balance righted herself when someone who mattered was in danger, and managed to actually prove her worth when she helped fend off the clone and helped save his life. Once the general chaos of "I want to destroy (insert place here) because I can and feel like it!" was over, she found herself promoted from being the joke to the Sephiroth clones to Rufus Shinra's bodyguard. She's only started to gain some confidence in herself and she's a hard worker quick to defend her boss.

Somewhere along the line, something (she isn't quite sure, but she assumes it had to do with Hojo) happened and she ended up in Traverse Town just in time to get chased down by Heartless and saved by Bastia. She's since been hanging out with Bastia's crazy crew and offering her help while searching for a way to get back to her own world.
Weapon: Twin katana-like swords that are missing their guards with hilts wrapped with dark blue ribbon.
Theme Song: Fences-Paramore I just see this as being Rei, not sure exactly why.

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